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Berlin, 8th April 2019


Join ERIAC and be part of the vibrant community of European Roma arts and culture scene by filling in the  online application form.


On the occasion of celebrating the International Roma Day (8th of April) we are announcing the opening of the second call for associate members! ERIAC is a membership-based organization, bringing together Roma and non-Roma individuals and organizations with competencies and experience in the fields of:

  • Arts and Culture
  • History and Commemoration
  • Research and Publication in the fields of arts and culture
  • Media and Information in the fields of arts and culture

In 2018, 67 individuals and organizations join the ERIAC family as associate members!


What are the benefits of being an associate member of ERIAC?


Associate Members have key roles in building the resources of ERIAC, engaging in creative exchange and co-production, taking ownership of ERIAC’s initiatives and engaging in its decision-making.


As an associate member:

  • You will have full access to ERIAC’s information and knowledge resources, collections, archives and database
  • To the extent possible, you will be involved in ERIAC’s program of activities
  • You will be invited to suggest cultural and artistic initiatives and partnerships
  • Through thematic sections, you will be able to shape ERIAC’s priorities and activities
  • You will form part of ERIAC’s hub as a platform for the exchange of ideas and expertise
  • You will be able to display the logo and the name of the Institute in your own activities, according to the conditions set by ERIAC
  • You will have the right to participate in the General Assemblies


The associate members are required to pledge to respect ERIAC’s founding principles and fulfill the principle of contribution. You can join ERIAC by filling in the online application form.


The call for associate members will be open until 31 July 2019.


The existing members must reapply if they are willing to remain ERIAC associate members.


Download the Membership Call in Rromanes

Khetano membroisipe


Download the Membership Call in German



Download the Membership Call in Spanish

Associate Membership Spanish


Download the Membership Call in Serbian

Pridruzeno clanstvo


Download the Membership Call in Macedonian

Membership call in Macedonian