Peripheries Unite! Public debate

Peripheries Unite! With the occasion of 16 MAY – Day of Romani Resistance, we have opened a public discussion on cultural resistance, social justice and the potential of alliances across movements in Europe.
In the frame of ERIACNET4EU project, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) brought together the experts Emilia Roig (author and scholar), Director of the Center for Intersectional Justice, Tayo Awosusi-Onutor (singer/activist), Board of Directors of RomaniPhen, and Anna Mirga (author/activist), Deputy director of ERIAC, for “Peripheries Unite!” – a transdisciplinary discussion on the potential of building bridges across movements to advance with the common struggle of building a fair, peaceful and more inclusive Europe for all.

Today, millions of Europeans experience multiple discrimination due to intersecting dimensions of identity, including race, ethnicity, sexual identity and orientation, religion, class, nationality and citizen status, among others. Prevalent discrimination – including specific types of racism such as antigypsyism or Afrophobia, as well as islamophobia, homophobia and sexism– push European citizens to the margins of society by seriously impeding their access to equal rights and opportunities.


Roma – the biggest ethnic minority in the EU – are among the most discriminated against groups. Likewise, Europeans of African descent, Jews, Muslims and persons belonging to the LGBTIQ community face widespread discrimination. Each of these populations has been forging civic movements of their own to fight for equality and social justice. In this process, they have employed diverse strategies of resisting oppression, building political power and empowering their communities.


The public debate hosted by ERIAC will provide an opportunity to exchange experiences between different minority groups, pointing to striking similarities between communities and their struggles. Such discussion is both necessary and timely. As the agency of those belonging to minority groups grows, they claim their rightful place at the centre of social, political and economic affairs on national and international levels.


ERIAC provides a platform for Roma and representatives of other minority groups in Europe to reflect together on strategies for building solidarity and closer collaboration across diverse social movements, united around the same values of social justice, inclusivity and respect.


The event is part of the public discussion series „Promoting European Values Through Cultural Heritage” of ERIACNET4EU – ERIAC Network to Advance Roma Inclusion by Combatting and Preventing Antigypsyism in the EU.


If you want to watch the whole debate, you will find it on our YouTube channel: Peripheries Unite! Debate