ERIAC Membership Contributions 2024

In ERIAC we honor the principle of contribution. In accordance with the Membership Charter and the Principle of Contribution, to become a valid member of ERIAC you are requested to pay your annual membership fee or provide an in-kind contribution.


Filling it out is obligatory for all members. You will only be able to submit this form once you upload a document with a proof of your contribution (financial or in-kind). Please find here: 

If you have any questions regarding the in-kind contribution, please feel free to contact your corresponding ERIAC Section Coordinator:

  1. Dragan Ristic, Arts and Culture thematic section: dristic216@gmail.com 
  2. Natali Tomenko, History and Commemoration thematic section: natali.tomenko1994@gmail.com
  3. Dezso Mate, Knowledge Production thematic section: mate.dezso1984@gmail.com
  4. Avni Mustafa, Media and information thematic section:avnimustafa@gmail.com
  5. Andrijano Dzeladin, Romani Language thematic section: andrijano7@gmail.com

Please note that in case of non-payment by this deadline your membership will be considered invalid and you will need to re-apply again for ERIAC membership during the ERIAC Membership Call in 2025.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us at membership@eriac.org