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Join ERIAC – where your passion for Roma arts and culture meets a vibrant community of like-minded individuals!

We invite you to be part of a dynamic community that champions the preservation and promotion of Roma cultural heritage.




The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture – ERIAC is a membership-based organization, that brings together Roma and non-Roma individuals and organizations, with relevant and demonstrated competencies and experience in the field of arts and culture and who are committed to ERIAC’s values.

ERIAC’s associate members are grouped into five thematic sections:

Why join ERIAC as an associate member?
As an associate member, you play a crucial role in enhancing ERIAC’s resources and contributing to creative collaborations:

Full Access to Resources – Enjoy full access to ERIAC’s rich information, knowledge resources, collections, archives, and databases.

Grant Opportunities – Access ERIAC’s call for grants (institutional members eligible for financial support), with details shared in mid-April.

Thematic Sections – Be part of thematic sections like Arts and Culture, History and Commemoration, Research and Publication, Media and Information, and Romani Language to influence ERIAC’s priorities.

Active Participation – Engage in ERIAC’s program of activities free of charge, benefit from tailored ERIAC membership trainings and contribute your ideas to shape cultural and artistic initiatives.

Participation in Decision-Making – Exercise your right to participate in General Assemblies, contributing to decision-making processes. We will cover the expenses of your travel and accommodation to the annual General Assembly meetings to enable you to network and party with the ERIAC members. 

Barvalipe Academy Involvement – Nominate members or run as a candidate for the Barvalipe Academy, influencing educational initiatives.

Partnership Suggestions  Be part of the creative process by suggesting cultural and artistic initiatives as well as potential partnerships.

Networking Hub – Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations, forming a hub for the exchange of ideas and expertise.

Logo and Name Display Showcase ERIAC’s logo and name in your activities, following the conditions set by ERIAC.


How to become an associate member:

Online Application Between January 22 and February 23, 2024 fill out the online application form when the 2024 call for associate members opens.

Introductory Interview Between February 27 and March 8, 2024 we will invite all applicants for a mandatory short conversation. During the interview with ERIAC Section Coordinators we will explain to you the details of ERIAC membership process and clarify the membership benefits and responsibilities.  

Evaluation Process – Applications are reviewed by the ERIAC Pakiv Board, with membership becoming valid upon a positive evaluation and contribution.

Contribution Principle – Members need to contribute either financially or in-kind to support ERIAC’s initiatives. Only applicants who fulfill the contribution principle will become members and enjoy ERIAC benefits!

Membership Charter – Familiarize yourself with the rights and responsibilities outlined in the Membership Charter available in multiple languages.


Our members are required to contribute with the annual financial fee or the annual in-kind contribution. The description and a list of potential in-kind contributions are available here.


Get in Touch and Stay Connected:

If you face challenges meeting the contribution principle or have questions about the ERIAC membership, reach out to eriac@eriac.org  or membership@eriac.org before applying, and ERIAC will provide the support that you need.

Download the call in multiple languages and stay tuned for the 2024 call for associate members.

Information about ERIAC membership is now available in 16 languages (Albanian, Bulgarian, Catalan, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanes, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish and Ukrainian).



Applications will be collected by the Executive Management and evaluated by the ERIAC Pakiv Board. All associate members are required to pledge to respect ERIAC’s Founding Principles and fulfill the Principle of Contribution. The membership becomes valid, upon the transfer of the membership contribution following the positive evaluation of the application. The rights and responsibilities of members are described in the Membership Charter.



ERIAC Membership Charter:

ERIAC Membership Charter (English)

ERIAC Membership Charter (Romanes)

ERIAC Membership Charter (German)


CODE OF CONDUCT Of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC)


ERIAC 1st General Assembly meeting_17 of December 2018

ERIAC 2nd General Assembly Meeting Minutes_December 9 2019

ERIAC Extraordinary Assembly Meeting Minutes_March 31 2020

ERIAC 3rd General Assembly Meeting Minutes December 14, 2020

ERIAC Extraordinary Assembly Meeting Minutes_April 8 2021

ERIAC 4th General Assembly Meeting Minutes_December 9 2021

ERIAC 5th General Assembly Meeting Minutes_December 8-9 2022

ERIAC 6th General Assembly Meeting Minutes_November 29 2023