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Associate Membership

ERIAC is a membership-based organization, bringing together Roma and non-Roma individuals and organizations, with relevant and demonstrated competencies and experience in the field of arts and culture and who are committed to ERIAC’s values.


ERIAC’s associate members are organized in four thematic sections:

What are the benefits of being an associate member of ERIAC?


Associate Members have key roles in building the resources of ERIAC, engaging in creative exchange and co-production, taking ownership of ERIAC’s initiatives and engaging in its decision-making.


As an associate member:

Who can be a member?


ERIAC is open to all Roma and non-Roma artists, cultural managers, interested individuals, civil society organisations, private sector companies, and formal and informal groups with demonstrated competencies and experience in the field of arts and culture and who support ERIAC’s mission and are ready to contribute to implementing ERIAC’s empowering vision. Applications are accepted from legal and natural persons.


What are the requirements for becoming an associate member? 

How can I become an associate member?


The 2021 call for associate members will be opened on the occasion of celebrating the International Roma Day – 8th of April – and will last until the end of July. Associate membership can be obtained by filling an online application form.


All applications will be evaluated by the Executive Management of ERIAC and the Pakiv Board. Once the application is approved, the applicant will need to provide a proof of payment to become a full member.





Download ERIAC’s Membership in Romanes:



Download ERIAC’s Membership in German:



Download ERIAC’s Membership in Spanish:

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Download ERIAC’s Membership in Hungarian:

Associate Membership in Hungarian


Download ERIAC’s Membership in Macedonian:

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Associate Membership in Albanian


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Download ERIAC’s Membership in Polish:

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ERIAC Membership Charter:

ERIAC Membership Charter (English)

ERIAC Membership Charter (Romanes)

ERIAC Membership Charter (German)


The 1st General Assembly of ERIAC took place on 17 December, 2018. Download the minutes of the 1st General Assembly meeting here:

ERIAC 1st General Assembly meeting_17 of December 2018


The 2nd General Assembly of ERIAC took place on 9 December, 2019 in Berlin. Download the minutes of the 2nd General Assembly meeting here:

ERIAC 2nd General Assembly Meeting Minutes_December 9 2019


The Extraordinary General Assembly of ERIAC took place on 31 March, 2020. Download the minutes of the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting here: