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V4 joins RomaMoMA

The project aims at narrative change around the representation of Roma in V4 and Serbia. The project, consisting of the large-scale exhibition, seeks to raise awareness among institutions, policy-makers, and stakeholders about Roma inclusion, educate the non-Roma population about Roma arts and culture, and create understanding, tolerance, and mutual respect between Roma and non-Roma communities.


The project seeks to visiblize the cultural production of Roma in order to highlight their contribution to society. To address the complete lack of or secondary status of the Roma-run art institutions, RomaMoMA seeks to present a large-scale exhibition to educate the general, mainstream public about the cultural diversity and shared cultural heritage of the European Roma. The exhibition will feature the works of five leading Roma artists from Serbia and V4. Four out of five presented artists were included in big international mainstream shows curated by ERIAC in 2022: 59th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia (Malgorzata Mirga-Tas, Poland), 23rd International Art Exhibition Milan Triennale (Emilia Rigova, Slovakia), documenta fifteen in Kassel (Mara Olah-Omara, Hungary), Manifesta 14 (Zoran Tairovic, Serbia). Additionally, the exhibition will feature the work of a less-known artist from the Czech Republic, Bozena Prikrylova. Our theory of change is based on the tenet that once the cultural production of Roma is made visible, it will be difficult to deny their contribution to mainstream society and culture. Instead of using statistics and dry activist discourse, RomaMoMA invites its audience to the realm of visual pleasures in order to engage their emotions and foster new attitudes, values, skills, and norms for interaction in society.




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Partner organizations on this project:

Jaw Dikh

Europai Roma Kulturalis Alapitvany

Slov Media Group

Media Voice