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“Roma Heroes” GAME

Educational board game featuring real-life stories of 24 Roma heroes. 


Inspired by the classic children’s board game “Guess Who?”, “Roma Heroes”, developed in the framework of the “Re-thinking Roma Resistance” project, is an educational game that allows the players to discover stories of real Heroes of the Roma history while playing. “Roma Heroes” includes custom-made illustrations by Roma artists Emanuel Barica.

In this game, what is relevant is not the Hero’s physical appearance but his biography! To guess the character your opponent has, you will need to ask questions about the type of resistance, places of resistance and the historical period. 

Download the DYI game herePrint it and play at home!

Or maybe you would like to play it online? Here, you can access the single player online version of the “Roma heroes” game!



About Emanuel Barica

Emanuel is a self-taught artist. He comes from Romania and he is 26years old. He has lived in Berlin for 6 years. He started making art at the age of 15 without understanding the art world. At the time, he only compared his work to his previous work because it was a surefire way to build trust. He drew portraits and caricatures. Later, when he came to Berlin, he developed his art by meeting artists from all over the world in Berlin. He tries to push the boundaries of what he can do with his art, with the tools that are given to him, such as ballpoint pens, fine liner, ink, acrylic. His work focuses on the human condition. he interprets them himself by showing strong expressions and emotions. Fears, insecurity, identity and values ​​of individuals. The way he plays draws a continuous line by listening to music. He lets intuition move his body and the energy of the music and the people around him.




Images of the game