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Berlin, June 8th 2018


On the occasion of the first anniversary of the establishment of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC), we are announcing the opening of the call for associate members!

ERIAC is envisaged as a membership-based organization, bringing together Roma and non-Roma individuals and organizations with competencies and experience in the field of arts and culture and who want to be part of ERIAC’s creative hub.


What are the benefits of joining ERIAC? Associate Members have key roles in building the resources of ERIAC, engaging in creative exchange and co-production, taking ownership of ERIAC’s initiatives and participating in its decision-making. As an associate member You will have full access to ERIAC’s information and knowledge resources, collections, archives and database; be involved in ERIAC’s program of activities; You will be able to shape ERIAC’s priorities and activities through the thematic sections; and form part of ERIAC’s growing creative community spread across Europe. The associate members are expected to pledge to respect ERIAC’s founding principles and fulfill the principle of contribution. You can join ERIAC by filling out an application form here. The call for members will be open until July 31st 2018.


On its first birthday, ERIAC is announcing the names of the first seven Barvalipe Academy members, nominated by the “Pakiv” Board. These outstanding personalities of Roma contemporary arts and culture scene will fulfil a visionary role, helping to guide ERIAC in defining its strategy and future activities. Congratulations to the Barvalipe Academy Members:


  • Jarmila Balážová
  • Ethel Brooks
  • Tony Gatlif
  • Delaine Le Bas
  • Romani Rose
  • Iulius Rostas
  • Mihaela Zatreanu

Hear the inspiring statements statements by the newly appointed Academy Members and learn more about ERIAC’s work and vision!


Join ERIAC and be part of the vibrant community of Roma arts and culture scene!