Call for papers: Conference “Racism and Romani Studies” (September 14-15 in Timisoara)

Call for papers


International Academic Conference “Racism and Romani Studies”

September 14-15, 2023

West University of Timisoara


Despite the recent recognition of the role racism plays in the exclusion of Roma and the relatively large consensus that combating anti-Roma racism/antigypsyism is key for achieving equality, the academic contributions to the topic remain at an incipient phase. The role of the scientists and their ideas on everyday life of Roma still has to be critically reviewed. While manifestations of racism are covering a broad spectrum and are important in identifying the mechanism that makes them possible, the importance of the strategies, discourses and practices to combat racism against Roma should not be overlooked.


The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) in partnership with the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara and the West University of Timisoara invite scholars to submit abstracts for the conference Racism and Romani Studies. The conference will be taking place in September 14-15, 2023, in Timisoara at the premises of the West University and is part of the European Capital of Culture program funded by the Municipality of Timisoara and the European Union.


The aim of the conference is to contribute to the scholarly debates on the role of racism in shaping the interactions between Roma and majority population and institutions by exploring the manifestations of anti-Roma racism and by proposing strategies, discourses, and innovative approaches in countering anti-Roma racism/ antigypsyism.


The organizers invite scholars to submit abstracts and proposals for panels on topics related to the aim of the conference. The papers could deal with various layers of analysis – local, national, and international. Some topics that might guide the possible contributions are:

  • Romani resistance to oppression
  • Memory and memorialization of Romani history
  • Roma women struggles for equality from feminist theories to inclusive practices
  • Roma LGBTQI and their struggle for recognition
  • Exploring the way researchers and scholars could contribute to combat racism against Roma
  • Using arts and culture to combat antigypsyism
  • Critical social theories and their relevance for Romani Studies
  • Manifestations of antigypsyism in arts and culture and/or the role of cultural production in shaping and stabilizing stereotypes and antigypsyist representations of Roma
  • Forms of institutional discrimination in the arts and culture
  • Capacity of arts and cultural practices, and approaches through education (ie. teaching Roma history in schools), as preventive approaches to challenge antigypsyism
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Roma representation vs. Roma self-representation in culture and academia

Papers covering other topics connected with the aim of the conference might also be submitted.


The organizers are proposing the following calendar:

  • Deadline for Abstracts: May 7, 2023
  • Selection of abstracts: May 8-12, 2023
  • Invitations to submit full papers: May 12, 2023
  • Deadline for submission of full papers: August 1, 2023


Scholars are requested to submit original and unpublished papers. Researchers at all stages of their careers (including MA graduates and PhD students) are invited to submit proposals. Scholars of Romani origin are particularly encouraged to apply.

Submissions should include the author’s name, title, a 500-word-long abstract, and a 100-word long biography. Panel proposals should include three paper-givers. Panels should be designed to regard ethnicity and gender.


All proposal should be sent to eriac@eriac.org with the subject line “Racism and Romani Studies” by May 7, 2023.


There are several scholarships available to cover the travel, accommodation, and meals of the participants. Only those submitting full papers will be eligible for scholarships. As a rule, selected papers would have to be presented by authors in person. Only in exceptional cases, papers would be presented remotely.


Selected papers will be published in an edited volume and the organizers will explore the possibilities to publish some selected papers as a special issue of an internationally indexed journal.


The Scientific Committee of the conference is composed of Dr. Iulius Rostas, Dr. Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Dr. Calin Rus, Dr. Oana Neștian Sandu, Dr. Ciprian Necula, Dr. Melinda Dinca and Dr. Theofild Lazar.


FIND THE CONCEPT AND THE CONFERENCE CALL HERE: Racism and Romani Studies_concept and call for papers 2023


This program is part of the “Timisoara 2023- European Capital of Culture” Programme and is funded by the Municipality of Timisoara through the Centre for Projects.