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Principle of Contribution

In case your current situation does not allow you to fulfil the principle of contribution, please reach out to the membership coordination, in advance of your application, at eriac@eriac.org in order for ERIAC to attempt to understand your request and find a way to endorse your membership. 


In accordance with ERIAC’s founding principles, the membership is based on contribution in terms of financial, intellectual, material, and creative resources, in order to strengthen ERIAC’s impact.

The annual associate membership fee for 2024 established by the ERIAC Pakiv Board is:

The members are expected to pay the associate member fee annually.

The proof of payment should be sent to membership@eriac.org once the associate membership application is approved.

In exceptional and justified cases, in-kind and/or material donations will be accepted instead of a financial contribution. The in-kind contribution form can be downloaded here


Why is the contribution principle important?

The principle of contribution, consecrated in the six founding principles, reflects ERIAC’s philosophy and transcends the Institute’s establishment, core functions, governance, structure, and membership.

The principle of contribution represents a paradigmatic change in which our own individual and institutional resources are offered in service of a shared cause and given for collective use. It aims to install in the ERIAC community a common sense of ownership and mutual accountability, to each other through the extended ERIAC hub, and of ERIAC towards its own membership structures. It promotes the idea of self-reliance and self-dependence and helps to challenge the common stereotype of Roma’s claimant attitude.

The principle of contribution also increases institutional financial independence and builds the collective resources of the entire ERIAC community.

Since 2019, ERIAC will dedicate the entire amount collected from membership fees as an endowment of the biannual Tajsa Prize. In this sense, the Tajsa Prize is sponsored entirely by the ERIAC associate membership, in order to promote the pedagogy of Roma contribution and self-determination.

Finally, with fees come the benefits! Check out what are the benefits of being an ERIAC associate member!



Download Principo pal i kontribucija ando Rromanes