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We are launching the second course of Barvalipe Roma Online University!

Bavarlipe Roma Online University is an online educational platform where Roma and non-Roma can access knowledge about the Roma identity(ies), history(ies) and culture(s) through a collection of high-quality lectures delivered by leading Roma scholars on topics ranging from the Roma Holocaust to Roma cultural productions. In partnership with Central European University (CEU), this project is part of ERIAC’s International Membership Engagement Initiative financed by the German Federal Foreign Office (FFO).

The second course of the Barvalipe Roma Online University, ‘European Roma History’, aims at developing historical narratives about the centuries of presence and contributions of Roma in various countries and regions of Europe and the world. To compensate for the lack of historical knowledge, the invited scholars will shape the understanding of Roma as integral to the mainstream national and regional histories. The course lectures will position Roma at the heart of the national historical discourses and not, as it has been until now, at its periphery.

The course will trace the local Roma histories in European countries and the Americas and include a reflection on the future of Roma communities in Europe.

To ensure that Roma and non-Roma benefit from the course, most lectures will be delivered in local languages, with subtitles provided in English and Romani language.

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Schedule of Lecture Premieres:

1. Arlism (sedentary) as a feature of the history of Roma in North Macedonia by Dr. Ljatif Demir – September 21, 2021


This lecture talks about the history of Roma in the Republic of North Macedonia, from their arrival on Macedonian soil until today. In addition, the lecture focuses on the sedentary (arlism) of Roma, their number in the censuses made in the Rumelia vilayet in the XVI and XIX century, their life and their interaction with non-Roma in Macedonia.
The lecture will also talk about the names and characteristics of the Roma Arli groups and their occupations that have been changing throughout the history from the XIV to the XX century.
The lecture also covers the assimilation, discrimination, and ethnic stratification of Roma in the Republic of Macedonia throughout history.

D.Sc. Ljatif Demir (1961, Skopje) is a professor of Romani language, literature and culture at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy – Department: Indology, at the Master studies of Romistics.
He has been working on promotion of the Romani language, literature and culture for more than 30 years. He is the author of professional works such as: The Grammar of the Romani language, Culture of the Roma in Macedonia, Roma in the Macedonian literature, music and film, Short history on Roma and others.
He has completed numerous translations in Romani language, participated in various international conferences and symposia, and held lectures on Romani studies at many European universities.




Barvalipe Roma Online University Coordinators:

Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Maria Bogdan, Timea Junghaus, Angela Kocze, Iulius Rostas
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