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ERIAC Serbia

Background information:

As ERIAC celebrated its first birthday in 2018, ERIAC learned about the interest of the Serbian Government in opening a branch office advocating and representing the ERIAC cause in Serbia, and joining the international political, social and cultural alliance for the recognition of Roma leadership and arts and culture. In relation to the contribution of the Serbian government to the ERIAC mission, meetings between Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia and the ERIAC chair, Zeljko Jovanovic began in 2018.


The objective of opening new ERIAC branches is to extend – through the respect of the ERIAC founding principles – the single and unique mandate of ERIAC to the branch country, its region and make a significant impact on the cultural recognition of Roma.



The process of establishing ERIAC Serbia has followed strictly the ERIAC Policy on local branches, as well as respecting the original roadmap and schedule approved by the ERIAC Board.


The formal establishment of ERIAC SERBIA was concluded on time, and according to our original schedule. In October 2019, ERIAC Serbia registered under Serbian legislation as an association. The statute and constellation of the founders – ERIAC Headquarters, Zeljko Jovanovic (as ERIAC Chairman of the Board) and Timea Junghaus (as the ERIAC executive director) – guarantees the relationship of connectedness and dependency of the ERIAC branches from the coordinating ERIAC Berlin-based headquarters.


In November 2019, ERIAC Serbia signed a lease agreement for the office space with the Property Directorate of the Republic of Serbia (Republička agencija za imovinu Republike Srbije). The ERIAC office space is located in the heart of Belgrad at Majke Jevrosime Str. 51. ERIAC The ERIAC office and art space will occupy the total area of 137.50 m2, on the ground floor, with street access entrance and a proper open space suitable for art exhibitions and events.


Building process

The process of renovation of the ERIAC Serbia premises has been delayed due to the outbreak of Covid19 pandemic. The renovation plans have been developed and finalized by contracted architects and permits are being processed.


ERIAC Serbia seat is in Majke Jevrosime 51. Ground floor in Belgrade. Currently the space is under the reconstruction and the finalization is planned in Autumn 2020. Serbian government generously supported ERIAC Serbia to obtain the space in a such a prestigious part of Belgrade, enhancing the visibility of Roma arts and culture.

Please note that this is the architectural design of the space.