FUTUROMA exhibition opens in Villa Romana in Florence (29. April)

ERIAC is proud to announce the opening of the FUTUROMA exhibition in Villa Romana, in Florence.


OPENING: 29. April 2020


ADDRESS: Villa Romana, Via Senese 68, 50124 Florenz, Italien


The program will be announced shortly.


Dan Turner: Seeds of Change. FUTUROMA, La Biennale di Venezia. Courtesy artist, 2019.


FUTUROMA draws upon aspects of Afrofuturism to explore Roma contemporary art’s role in defining, reflecting and influencing Roma culture. FUTUROMA offers new and spontaneous re-interpretations of Roma pasts, presents and futures via a fusion of the traditional and the futuristic in order to critique the current situation for Roma people and to re-examine historical events. Imagining Roma bodies in speculative futures offers a counter-narrative to the reductive ways that Roma culture has been understood and constructed—thereby moving our cultural expression beyond the restrictive motifs of oppression toward a radical and progressive vision of Roma to come. The confluence of traditional knowledge and contemporary art practice evident within FUTUROMA combines to highlight possibilities for different ways of being. Here, artworks are rooted in the techniques and traditions of the Roma diaspora, but at the same time decisively forward-looking. The acts of remembering and imagining manifest within these artworks point toward ambitious visions of life-affirming futures and at the same time allow reinterpretation our collective pasts.

With and by: Celia Baker, Ján Berky, Marcus-Gunnar-Pettersson, Ödön Gyügyi, Billy Kerry, Klára Lakatos, Delaine Le Bas, Valérie Leray, Emília Rigová, Markéta Šestáková, Selma Selman, Dan Turner, Alfred Ullrich, László Varga


The exhibition is accompanied with two artist residency in the Künstlerhaus Villa Romana. The international jury chose Małgorzata Mirga-Tas and Robert Gabris. Read more about the call for applicants and the selection process here.