ERIAC’s Contributions to the Venice Biennale 2024

Foreigners Everywhere is the official title of this year’s Venice Biennale, which also marks the 60th edition of the International Art Exhibition. While there is no Roma Pavilion in the official frame of the Biennale, ERIAC continues to support initiatives that mitigate the need for a permanent Roma Pavilion as a platform to display experimental cross-disciplinary work of Roma.


We are contributing, supporting, observing and connecting through three initiatives this time in Venice and congratulate the Council of Europe for the initiative on the 70th anniversary of the European Cultural Convention.






19 April, 3 pm | Palazzo Zorzi


The ARTISTS AT RISK PAVILION with the support of UNESCO. ARTISTS. RISKS. HUMANS. RIGHTS. is an exhibition and discursive programme at the intersection of the arts and human rights, the AR Pavilion will feature art, discursive panels and networking events for and by residents, alumni, partners and those who stand in solidarity with Artists at Risk (AR), the global residency programme for artists at high risk.


This edition of the AR-Pavilion holds particular significance as it marks the 10th anniversary of Artists at Risk (AR). AR has relocated over 850 (principal) artists and art professionals together with over 300 hosting partners around the world in its first, intense decade.


Timea Junghaus on behalf of ERIAC is contributing to the panel talk: Art in the Age of Conflict and (Dis)Information during the opening of the AR-UNESCO Pavilion at Palazzo Zorzi on 19 April.


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OTHER SESSION—Artistic Freedom Under Scrutiny


20 April, 3 pm | Docks Cantieri Cucchini, San Pietro di Castello

The OTHER SESSION—Artistic Freedom Under Scrutiny—, is an open art form involving a performative panel, artists, curators, and political representatives, meant to assess the landscape of artistic freedom, through dialogues and performances in light of 70 years of the European Cultural Convention. The project ultimately looks towards the establishment of an alternative pavilion, an ‘Other’ Pavilion, to host silenced and neglected voices, practices, ideas, and critiques emerging from the world of art and design.


The OTHER SESSION—Artistic Freedom Under Scrutiny—is presented by the Experimental Observatory on Artistic Freedom (OOAF) in collaboration with the Council of Europe (CoE).


Timea Junghaus is among the contributors to the discursive panel, additionally, ERIAC supports a performative act by Luna De Rosa, who examines the concept of the borderless nation, and through a short intervention, will be prompting an introspection on the very essence of nationality.


Curators: David Liver and Michael Kaethler
Contributors: Gabriel Fontana, Timea Junghaus, Hicham Khalidi, Katalin Krasznahorkai, Antonio Manuel, Massimo Mazzone, Lesia Pcholka, Annalisa Rimmaudo, Manuel Borja-Villel


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20 April, 4 pm | European Cultural Centre | Palazzo Bembo, Riva del Carbon #4793


Participating artists: Luna De Rosa, Manolo Gómez Romero, Dariya Kanti, Damian Le Bas, Brunn Morais, Girolamo Porro, Alfred Ullrich, Kálmán Várady.


Building on this legacy, RrOMA LEPANTO refers to the naval Battle of Lepanto (1571), highlighting the role of enslaved Gitanos from Spain and Roma from Italy, tasked with rowing the vessels. The site-specific installation initiates a discourse concerning the (in)visibility and recognition of Roma contributions to European history and societies. (Curators: Moritz Pankok and Miguel Ángel Vargas Rubio)


RrOMA LEPANTO is a project of Foundation Kai Dikhas, in collaboration with ERIAC, the Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma, and the European Cultural Centre.


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