ERIAC in Timisoara. Bringing Roma Voices (and music) to the European Capital of Culture

On 22-23 April, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture returned to Timisoara for the finissage of the exhibition “Chronic Desire”. Curated by Cosmina Goagea, Brindusa Tudor, and Corina Opera, the exhibition featured the selection of artworks by two Roma artists: Mihaela Cimpeanu and Sead Kazanxhiu. We also brought music: Gipsy Groove and Mahala Rai Banda gave memorable performances for the Timisoara audience. The cultural program was accompanied by the discussion “Weaving the Roma Cultural Heritage into the Fabric of Sustainable Development” with the participation of Our speakers: Alexandru Fechete (Radio Pata), Lestat Monroe (Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce), Istvan Szakats (Radio Pata), Jasmina Usainovic (Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative), and Alexandru Zamfir (Roma Education Fund), moderated by Timea Junghaus (ERIAC).

This project is part of the “Timisoara 2023- European Capital of Culture” Programme and is funded by the Municipality of Timisoara, through the Center for Projects.

Follow the Timisoara2023 website and our media channels for more details.