Together with the artist Alexine Chanel, we would like to invite you to a very special event taking place in the frame of the exhibition of OMARA, “You Let Me Play”, which is on view in ERIAC until the 12th of May.

Tableau Vivant
will be a feminist gathering and participative event inspired by the spirit of OMARA. 

It will start on the 3rd of May 2023 at 18.00

To be part of the Tableau Vivant, participants simply need to be present at the ERIAC Gallery and view the painting ‘‘Bitch with a Pipe‘‘ in the exhibition “You Let Me Play” by Omara.
Dressed in red, holding a pipe or other smoking device, artist Alexine Chanel and all participants will be honouring Omara’s life, spirit, and work.
Additional red dresses and red clothing items will be available onsite.
Also, participants will be given the opportunity to be photographed.

THE EVENT IS OPEN TO ALL – please come, wearing red clothing, bring a pipe or any other smoking device of your choice and celebrate with us the beautiful spirit of OMARA.

Concept: Alexine Chanel, curated by Valérie Leray

“As I walked into Omara‘s exhibition, I felt instantly touched by her raw, gutsy, sexy angry power. The painting ” Bitch with a Pipe ” immediately claimed my gaze with magnetic force.
Looking at her self-portrait – Omara dressed in a red dress, holding a pipe and staring insolently at me – I could almost hear her laughing out loud with the power of the raw humour, the sarcasm of those who truly have suffered.

Inviting people to a red dress, smoking event, and forming a Tableau Vivant to honour the guts of Omara, a fantastic artist with a powerful spirit, came very naturally.””
Alexine Chanel