ERIAC is a membership-driven organization that brings together individuals and organizations, both Roma and non-Roma, who possess relevant and demonstrated arts and culture expertise and are committed to ERIAC’s values.


ERIAC’s associate members are grouped into four thematic sections:

Arts and Culture, History and Commemoration, Research and Publication in arts and culture, and Media and Information in arts and culture.


Additionally, there is a transversal section dedicated to the Romani language. This component aims to mobilize the membership towards long-term engagement and contribution, fostering a new culture of alliance and collaboration. ERIAC’s membership provides legitimacy and strength while offering valuable resources such as networks, connections, knowledge, and capital.


Further information: https://eriac.org/membership/


ERIAC, with the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, spearheads the International Cultural Outreach Program to recognize and promote Roma arts and culture. Under the guidance of ERIAC’s key organs, namely membership, the Barvalipe Academy, and the Board, the following six components constitute this year’s outreach project: Romani Language Initiative, Barvalipe Roma Online University, Digital Roma Museum Initiative: RomaMoMA, Autostrada Biennale, The Tajsa Roma Cultural Heritage Prize Ceremony, and Membership.