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Barvalipe Academy holds its second meeting in Berlin

On December 9 2019, the Barvalipe Academy held its second meeting, convened by Dr. Maria Bogdan, Chair of the Barvalipe Academy.

The Barvalipe Academy is the agenda-setting and strategic body of the Institute which has an advisory and inspirational role. The Academy discussed the roles and responsibilities and we as the dynamic of future cooperation in order to fulfill the ERIAC mission. During the meeting, the Academy held a major discussion on the strategy of ERIAC, fulfilling its obligations as defined in the Statutes. The Barvalipe Academy members reflected on the ERIAC achievements and ERIAC future strategy, as a follow up to the discussions during the ERIAC Impact and the ERIAC General Assembly, which were also attended by the Barvalipe Academy members. The open discussion with the ERIAC management was followed by a closed session among the members.

The day concluded with Tajsa Roma Cultural Heritage Prize Ceremony at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, featuring a concert of world-famous flamenco pianist and composer Dorantes and guest performers Monika Lakatos and Maria Jose Llergo.


Abridged Minutes of the 2nd ERIAC Barvalipe Academy Meeting:

Barvalipe Academy 2nd Meeting_Abridged minutes_09122019


Photos: ERIAC/ Aleksandra Pawlowska