Barvalipe Academy

The Barvalipe Academy is the agenda-setting and strategic body of the Institute which has an advisory and inspirational role, in order to fulfill ERIAC’s objectives.

Barvalipe is composed of 15 members – highly regarded, publicly acknowledged individuals, with competencies in the areas covered by ERIAC activities. Two thirds of the Academy members must openly declare their Romani ethnicity, respecting the diversity among the Romani communities. Gender balance must be ensured.


First 7 members of Barvalipe Academy will be nominated by ERIAC’s Board “Pakiv”. The remaining 8 members of the Baravlipe Academy will be elected by the members through the thematic sections. Each section will delegate two representatives to Barvalipe.


Two members of Barvalipe Academy, elected internally, are delegated to the “Pakiv” Board and become a bridge which connects the ERIAC’s membership with the Board.


Barvalipe Academy Members