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ERIAC IMPACT – public presentation of the ERIAC achievements and plans


On December 9 2019, ERIAC held the ERIAC Impact event at the Hotel MELIA in Berlin. ERIAC Impact was a public presentation of ERIAC’s achievements and future plans. It brought together over ERIAC associate members, Barvalipe Academy and Board Members, joined by the advocates of the international Roma political movement.


Timea Junghaus, the executive director of ERIAC, opened the public session and welcomed the audience: the ERIAC board members – Gilda Horvath, Sead Kazanxhiu and Iulius Rostas – the Barvalipe Academy, the Associate Members, representatives of donor organizations and the media.

The first presentation by Gilda Horvath, ERIAC board member,  depicted the structure, dynamics and the milestones reached by ERIAC up until now. Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, deputy director of ERIAC, focused on what ERIAC signifies now, highlighting its pan-European landscape and international programming which engages a broad spectrum of audiences outside of Berlin. Executive director Timea Junghaus reflected on the overall context in which ERIAC exists and the startegic direction for ERIAC’s work in the upcoming years. She concluded that the future of ERIAC depends on its members and able to make the impact on the strategic plan which has been created based on gathered data, online surveys and staff meetings.

The public presentation was followed by a vivid discussion among the participants – questions were directed towards the ERIAC leadership structures; the audience shared their comments and numerous proposals.


The ERIAC Impact was streamed live and can be accessible here or via the ERIAC youtube channel.




ERIAC IMPACT photos can be found on the ERIAC Facebook page


Photos: ERIAC/ Aleksandra Pawłowska