Dr. Raul Cârstocea Joins Barvalipe Academy

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Raul Cârstocea as a new member of the Barvalipe Academy at ERIAC (European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture). Dr. Cârstocea brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our esteemed advisory body.

Dr. Raul Cârstocea is an Assistant Professor in Twentieth-Century European History at Maynooth University, Ireland, with a distinguished career spanning various prestigious institutions across Europe. His research interests encompass critical areas such as anti-Semitism, fascism, nationalism, and the Holocaust, with a particular focus on state formation and nation-building processes in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe.


Moreover, Dr. Cârstocea’s commitment to promoting understanding and dialogue extends beyond academia. He serves as Vice-Chair of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Observatory on History Teaching in Europe at the Council of Europe, contributing significantly to advancing historical education and awareness.


His appointment reinforces our commitment to diversity, expertise, and excellence within the Barvalipe Academy. We warmly welcome Dr. Raul Cârstocea and look forward to his invaluable contributions to shaping ERIAC’s strategic direction and fulfilling our objectives.