ARTromnja: a video project on Roma women artists and changemakers


ARTromnja is a collaborative project between Romane Romnja and the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture – ERIAC, born out of a necessity and shared ambition to combat the prevalence of Roma misrepresentation – especially with regard to Roma women – in the media. The ARTromnja project aims to amplify Roma women voices and highlight Roma women contributions to the field of arts and culture through the personal accounts of six Sinti and Roma women artists and changemakers.

The video series features Simonida and Sandra SelimovicMihaela DraganConcetta SarachellaNatasa Tasic Knezevic and Zita Moldovan as they reflect on their lives and professional achievements, their personal struggles and their evolution as artists, while discussing topics such as intersectionality, prejudice against women, and the patriarchy.
Watch the first three published videos of the series: 



Founded in 2010, Romane Romnja is an initiative run by and for women. Its main mission is to empower Roma women in all aspects of life by promoting and reinforcing positive discourses on Roma identity. ARTromnja is a collaboration between Romane Romnja and ERIAC, developed by Gordana Herold and Bruno Neurath-Wilson. The project is sponsored by the International Press Institute (IPI) as part of the NewsSpectrum Fellowship programme.