WORLD ROMA CONGRESS. 50th Anniversary Exhibition



On the 8th of April 2021 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the groundbreaking 1st World Romany Congress which took place in London in 1971 and which has been a milestone of the International Romany Movement. Arts and Culture have been a strong inspiration for the political movement of Sinti and Roma and continue to play an essential role as a form of civic expression as well as a strategy of emancipation and cultural resistance.


This exhibition is curated by Beverley Carpenter (Oblique Arts, UK) and Mortiz Pankok (Stiftung Kai Dikhas). It was planned as a physical exhibition at the 198 Gallery and Contemporary Learning space in South London. We anticipate that this show will take place later in the year.


Due to Covid-19 visitors are able, now, to view five online galleries: -The curator’s selection includes sculptures, paintings, drawings and photography from Damian Le Bas, Imrich Tomáš, Gérard Gartner and other artists who have produced iconic works. -The Commissioned Artworks gallery shows works that were selected by a jury from Europe wide applications. Klára Lakatos, George Vasilsescu and 8 further artist’s work. Jurers: Beverley Carpenter, Moritz Pankok, Isaac Blake (Romani Cultural and Arts Company) and Miguel Angel Vargas (ERIAC).


-The Archive Gallery introduces viewers to Melanie Spitta, filmmaker and important historical figures in Roma history. -The Artist’s Gallery contains work from Bogumila Delimata, from Poland and József Ferkovics from Hungary, among others. -Finally there is an Educational Gallery where there is work from organisations such as the BUDAÖRSI TANODA Foundation in Budapest.


For more information visit: worldromacongressart.com




Watch here the OPENING:


18:00 – 18:10. Welcoming remarks
• Welcome address by Moritz Pankok, Kai Dikhas Foundation
• Welcome address by Timea Junghaus, ERIAC executive director
18:10 – 18:40. Digital Vernissage
Presentation of the World Roma Congress Art Exhibition by Moritz Pankok and Beverly Carpenter, with the presence of featured artists and contributors:
• Process and organization. Presentation of the worldromacongressart.com website by Moritz Pankok
• Open Call for Roma Artists – Presentation of Commissioned Artworks by Beverly Carpenter, in conversation with artists Manolo Gómez and Alfred Ullrich
• World Congress Art Selection Collection by Moritz Pankok, in conversation with artists Valérie Leray and George Vasilescu
• Presentation of ‘Artists gallery’ by Beverly Carpenter, with input from artist Robert Czibi
• Presentation of the Archive by Beverly Carpenter, in conversation with Thomas Acton and Tore Bielenberg
• Presentation of the ‘Women fighting Fascism’ by Valdemar Kalinin
18:40 – 19:00 Open Discussion with the guests and Q&A from the audience, moderated by Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka
19:00 Closing
The event will be moderated by Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, deputy director of ERIAC