How to Tell Stories that Matter? ERIAC brings Manifesta 14 to Belgrade

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Manifesta 14 Western Balkans Expert Talk 16 May 2022

The 14th Edition of Manifesta, the European Nomadic Biennial, will take place from 22 July until 30 October 2022 in Prishtina, Kosovo. Organised for the occasion of the biennial, Manifesta 14 has set up the Manifesta 14 Western Balkans Project to enlarge the outreach and duration of the biennial by developing a cross-regional collaboration platform including a vast array of cultural and civic activities across the region. An integral objective of the project is to open up the Western Balkans, creating a project that breaks the confines of isolated cultural infrastructures and networks. 

ERIAC joined the partnership with the Manifesta 14 Western Balkans Project in order to ensure that Roma culture and the Roma audience are adequately represented in this important festival. By facilitating spaces for deepening the understanding of different cultures and providing room for participative and creative encounters, Manifesta 14 may play a pivotal role in connecting people and catalysing positive change in the Western Balkans and beyond.

On 16 May at 11 am, we will hold an expert talk at ERIAC Space in Belgrade. ERIAC Executive Director Timea Junghaus, joined by a group of trailblazing cultural activists from the Western Balkans, will discuss the topic of culture as a vehicle of challenging negative narratives about Roma and building bridges with the majority society.

Time: 11 am on 16 May 2022

Address:  ERIAC Serbia, Majke Jevrosime St. 51, Belgrade

Participants: Aleksandra Aleksandrovic (artist and activist, Serbia), Hedvig Fijen (Manifesta Foundation), Timea Junghaus (ERIAC), Sead Kazanxhiu (ERIAC Board Member, artist, Albania), Bertan Selim (Prince Claus Fund).

Manifesta 14 Western Balkans Project is supported by the Creative Europe Western Balkans programme.

The Manifesta 14 Western Balkans Project has been awarded a Creative Europe Western Balkans grant by the European Union.

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