Proud Roma Free Europe celebrates Romani Language Day

Barikane Roma Slobodo Evropa del pakiv pal o Dives le Romane Čhibjako

To mark this year’s World Day of Romani Language, which takes place on 5 November each year since its designation by UNESCO in 2015, a collection of Romani language materials is being released in the framework of the Proud Roma Free Europe (PRFE) transnational initiative, which seeks to strengthen Roma identity and cross-country solidarity among Roma.

The materials, which will be available across PRFE’s digital platforms, are designed to raise awareness of the importance of preserving and promoting the Romani language. Currently, Romani is listed on the UNESCO’s Red Book of Endangered Languages, and out of the 12 – 14 million Roma worldwide, only four million speak the language. However, preserving and developing a common approach to its use can not only bring harmonization in the transnational use of Romani – in institutions, in the media and in schools – but also help prevent the language from becoming extinct.

Among the materials to be released are a collection of poems in Romani written by Roma poets and writers like Ilija Jovanović or Rani Romani, and fun facts about the Romani language. As part of its mission to establish a stronger transnational Roma identity, all the materials have been branded with the Proud Roma Free Europe visual identity and are available for free use here.

Beyond the scope of the PRFE campaign, ERIAC – in partnership with the Council of Europe and the University of Graz – is organizing the Second International Online Conference “Safeguarding Our Romani Language”, which will bring together experts to discuss language preservation, transnational harmonization, and practices in Romani language education. The Romani Čhib | Romani Language exhibitions on view at the ERIAC offices in Berlin and Belgrade will also mark the occasion.

Through its platforms, local online and offline initiatives developed by the national advocacy partners of PRFE will also be promoted. Stay tuned for more news from the network! 


Happy Romani Language Day!