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ERIAC is excited to officially announce the recipients of grants through the #ERIACNET4EU initiative. A significant amount of €170,000.00 has been allocated to support a total of 12 grants, thoughtfully given to ERIAC member organizations from 7 EU member states. This effort has been possible thanks to funding from the European Commission under the Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values Programme (CERV).


In September, ERIAC will hold a comprehensive training session, designed to help the successful execution of these upcoming projects. We wholeheartedly encourage our grantees to foster collaboration not only among fellow grantees but to extend this collaboration to encompass ERIAC members who were not successful in their application endeavors. Keep an eye out for more information about #ERIACNET4EU.


We invite all forms of support that contribute to making bigger and more meaningful changes. If you’re interested in actively taking part in promoting a more inclusive Europe and tackling the harmful effects of anti-Roma racism, we warmly encourage you to consider making a pledge or donation through our organization. Also, we’re excited to welcome engagement to support our valued member organizations in different ways.


Your commitment and support play a crucial role in our shared journey toward a fairer and more harmonious society.




Country/Location: Czech Republic


Grantee: Ara Art


Project title: Building Bridges Through Artivism


Implementation dates: October 2023 – June 2024 (9 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 20,000.00



Project description:


The Ara Art organization, with the support of ERIAC and the European Union, will be actively executing the “Building Bridges Through Artivism” project. This initiative spotlights Romani history and art in Czech and European societies, aiming to foster awareness of shared European heritage, amplify Roma identity, and empower Romani artists’ leadership and civic engagement. At its core, the project commemorates significant Romani historical dates in the European context and advocates for equitable recognition of Roma contributions to the arts. Anticipated outcomes include a heightened appreciation of Romani heritage, increased Roma representation in cultural arenas, and policy reforms to support Romani culture. Ultimately, the initiative aims to bolster Romani pride, celebrate their culture, and boost public interest in showcasing Romani artists in mainstream spaces. Achieving these goals involves fostering dialogue between Roma and non-Roma communities, and fostering a deeper understanding of Romani culture across Czech and European societies.


Website and social media:

Ara Art website

Ara Art on Facebook

Ara Art on Instagram





Country/Location: Czech Republic


Grantee: Romea


Project title: We give a voice to Roma


Implementation dates: October 2023 – September 2024 (12 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 20,000.00


Project description:


The Romea organization with the support of ERIAC and the European Union, is spearheading the We give Roma a Voice project. This initiative aims to provide continuous, high-quality news coverage about the Roma community in the Czech Republic and Europe. By enhancing the Romea.cz news platform, the project seeks to expand readership through impactful reporting and engage young Romani journalists in a systematic exploration of various subjects. Together with external journalists, the Romea team will illuminate concealed information, dispel myths, and counter misinformation. This effort is crucial given the Roma community’s vulnerability to half-truths, particularly via social networks. Informed by accurate information, both Roma and non-Roma audiences can contribute to combating discrimination, making societal strides towards inclusivity.


Website and social media:

Romea website; Romea News website

Romea on Facebook

Romea on Instagram

Romea on Twitter

Romea on TikTok





Country/Location: Hungary


Grantee: UCCU Roma Informal Educational Foundation


Project title: Activating Romani Strength


Implementation dates: September 2023 – September 2024 (12 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 18,000.00



Project description:


The UCCU organization, with support from ERIAC and the European Union, is actively executing the Romani Strength project. This grant initiative is designed to facilitate and bolster the active participation of Romani youth and women within the public sphere, primarily through targeted awareness-raising campaigns. Moreover, the initiative seeks to fortify the network and collaborative interactions among civic society organizations and NGOs. The central focus of this project is to revitalize and enhance the Roma youth network, ultimately fostering a self-sustaining and self-organized collective wherein each member is empowered to initiate individual or group endeavors. UCCU’s paramount objective is to perpetuate a series of activities and workshops grounded in non-formal educational methodologies, effectively countering prevailing prejudices and stereotypes directed at the Roma community. Concurrently, the organization endeavors to orchestrate Roma cultural events and communication projects that serve the dual purpose of promoting Romani culture and engendering heightened awareness surrounding the multifaceted social and systemic challenges confronted by the Roma population.


Website and social media:

UCCU website

UCCU on Facebook

UCCU on Instagram





Country/Location: Poland


Grantee: Jaw Dikh Foundation


Project title: International Symposium of Roma and Non-Roma Artists in Czarna Gora


Implementation dates: September 2023 – September 2024 (12 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 16,000.00



Project description:


The Jaw Dikh organization, with support from ERIAC and the European Union, is set to host the annual International Symposium of Roma and non-Roma Artists. This gathering serves as an open-air art event, uniting artists from both Roma and non-Roma backgrounds whose creative pursuits are rooted in Roma culture. The symposium encompasses a diverse array of participants, ranging from painters, sculptors, and photographers to filmmakers, writers, and cultural commentators. Beyond fostering artistic creation, the symposium provides a dynamic platform for interdisciplinary discussions, facilitating the exchange of insights into the Roma community’s global context. Notably, it delves into the role of art in Roma political mobilization. Jaw Dikh! serves as a nexus for collaborative engagement, encouraging dialogue, and extending support among artists. As a burgeoning network of European Roma artists, it actively contributes to preserving traditions, affirming identity, and dispelling self-doubt. Central to its mission is the cultivation of a contemporary Roma identity—one that embraces diversity as a source of richness and collective strength, rather than an impediment. This inclusive approach transcends geographical boundaries, uniting Roma from various backgrounds in a shared pursuit of empowerment and cultural rejuvenation.


Website and social media:

Jaw Dikh on Facebook





Country/Location: France


Grantee: National federation of associations working in solidarity with Roma and “Gens du voyage”


Project title: A story of struggle : a documentary about Raymond Gurême


Implementation dates: September 2023 – September 2024 (12 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 15,000.00



Project description:


With the support of ERIAC and the European Union, the FNASAT organization is embarking on the “A Story of Struggle: The Raymond Gurême Documentary.” This project aims to research and chronicle the life of Raymond Gurême, a remarkable survivor of World War II internment camps and a prominent figure in the fight against antigypsyism. This research, article and short film will spotlight his experiences, including the often-overlooked nomadic internment in France from 1940 to 1946, shedding light on this lesser-known history. Inspired by Gurême’s courage and dedication, the film seeks to inspire new generations in the battle against antigypsyism. It serves a dual purpose: commemorating the Roma and Sinti persecution during WWII and addressing the contemporary challenge of antigypsyism. By amplifying the voices of young Roma and Sinti individuals, the short film underscores Gurême’s lasting impact on their commitment to combat discrimination. This short film will be accompanied by a reflective article to ensure accessibility to a wide European and international audience and serve to attract funds for developing a longer documentary in the future. Through this lens, “A Story of Struggle” will honor Raymond Gurême’s legacy while contributing to a vital dialogue on antigypsyism.


Website and social media:

Fnasat website

Fnasat on Facebook





Country/Location: Spain

Grantee: National Association Gitano Presence & Cultural Association Flamenco World Heritage 21st Century (Asociacion Nacional Presencia Gitana & Asociación Cultural Flamenco Patrimonio de la Humanidad Siglo XXI)


Project title: Flamenco en el Siglo XXI / Flamenco in the 21st century


Implementation dates: September 2023 – February 2024 (6 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 15,000.00




Project description:


With the support of ERIAC and the European Union, the Presencia Gitana/National Association Gitano Presence organization and the Cultural Association Flamenco World Heritage 21st Century are poised to host a comprehensive multi-day seminar focused on the contemporary landscape of Flamenco. This project will convene an international assembly of Flamenco stakeholders, encompassing artists, researchers, programmers, students, enthusiasts, experts, journalists, and decision-makers. The seminar aims to facilitate discourse, learning, and exchange on the diverse trajectories that Flamenco is currently navigating, as well as the challenges it confronts. The event, held in Madrid, the epicenter of Spanish artistic and cultural endeavors, will encompass presentations, debates, master classes, and concerts. By engaging firsthand perspectives, the seminar seeks to foster a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the present state of Flamenco art and its practitioners. The seminar aspires to engender an elevated awareness and heightened appreciation for Flamenco and its contemporary context. This, in turn, is anticipated to play a pivotal role in shaping the art form’s trajectory and future prospects.


Website and social media:

Presencia Gitana website

Presencia Gitana on Facebook

Presencia Gitana on Twitter



 Country/Location: Romania/International (online)


Grantee: Roma Actors Association (Giuvlipen)


Project title: Shakespeare in the Romani Language


Implementation dates: September 2023 – July 2024 (11 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 15,000.00



Project description:


With support from ERIAC and the European Union, the Roma Actors Association (Giuvlipen) is launching the “Shakespeare in Romani Language Project.” This interdisciplinary initiative will adapt and produce a Shakespearean play entirely in Romani, collaborating with the Marin Sorescu National Theatre. The gender-focused adaptation will be showcased in Hungary and Italy, with partnerships from The Independent Theatre Hungary and Rampa Prenestina. The innovative production targets both Romani and non-Romani international audiences, enhancing intercultural dialogue and spotlighting the richness of Romani culture and linguistic heritage.”Shakespeare in the Romani Language” marks the first-ever translation, publication, and staging of Shakespeare’s dramaturgy in Romani. This pioneering project not only offers a unique cultural experience but also supports the preservation and revitalization of the Romani language, which is at risk of being lost. By presenting Shakespeare’s works in Romani, Giuvlipen aims to amplify the language’s artistic expression and cultural significance. The play will be published by Marin Sorescu Theatre and disseminated in Romani, Romanian, and English translations on the Roma Actors Association website.


Website and social media:

Roma Actors Association website

Roma Actor Association on Facebook

Roma Actors Association on Instagram

Roma Actors Association on YouTube





Country/Location: Romania


Grantee: Untold Stories Association


Project title: Roma power


Implementation dates: September 2023 – February 2024 (6 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 15,000.00




Project description:


With support from ERIAC and the European Union, the Untold Stories Association is launching the “Roma Power Project” to address societal challenges faced by Roma women and promote Roma culture, rights, and acceptance. This multifaceted initiative includes producing a docudrama (“Roma Power”) highlighting a young Roma’s journey, organizing an event featuring the acclaimed film “Gipsy Queen” and the docudrama premiere, hosting storytelling workshops for Roma youth led by Alina Serban, and offering online screenings of films like “Letter of Forgiveness,” “I Matter,” and “I am Nicu” that explore Roma experiences. This project seeks to combat discrimination, foster understanding, and encourage diversity and tolerance. By empowering young Roma women through workshops and showcasing Roma stories in cultural spaces, including a live Q&A session with Alina Serban and the Romanian Cultural Institute, it aims to amplify the voices of Roma women and address multiple forms of discrimination they face. Additionally, the project aims to elevate awareness of Roma culture and promote acceptance, especially among the younger generation.


Website and social media:

Untold Stories Website

Untold Stories on Facebook





Country/Location: Spain


Grantee: Rromane Siklovne, Association of Young Roma Students of Bon Pastor


Project title: Romani Identity Through Art


Implementation dates: September 2023 – August 2024 (12 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 12,000.00



Project description:


With support from ERIAC and the European Union, Rromane Siklovne launches the Romani Identity Through Art project. This initiative, aided by an exhibition, aims to reshape narratives surrounding Roma existence and self-expression, countering negative stereotypes and fostering dialogue. By analyzing works from diverse Roma authors across artistic domains, the project distills key messages for a transnational Roma identity. The resulting exhibition in Barcelona will share Roma values and perspectives, countering historical anti-Roma narratives. This effort aims to present a comprehensive Roma narrative, highlighting cultural richness and self-representation beyond prevailing societal definitions that have led to persecution. Through literature and music, this project offers an encompassing Roma worldview, promoting a redefined understanding of Roma existence.


Website and social media:

Rromane Siklovne Website

Rromane Siklovne on YouTube

Rromane Siklovne on Twitter




Country/Location: Belgium



Project title: Fashioning Inclusion: Empowering Roma Designers through the Roma Business Club and Fashion Exhibition


Implementation dates: September 2023 – August 2024 (12 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 10,000.00


Project description:


With the support of ERIAC and the European Union, REDI initiates the “Fashioning Inclusion: Empowering Roma Designers” project. This effort establishes the pioneering Roma Fashion Business Club, aimed at nurturing Roma designers from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, and Spain. By means of workshops, mentorship, and networking, the club nurtures entrepreneurial talent and fosters collaboration. Simultaneously, a Brussels-based fashion exhibition will spotlight Roma designers, challenging stereotypes and promoting inclusivity. The project addresses the underrepresentation of Roma designers, defying stereotypes through the Roma Business Club and an exhibition. Through resources, networking, and skill enhancement, the project bolsters Roma entrepreneurs and sparks collaboration, elevating their presence within the industry. The outcomes encompass heightened visibility, recognition, and a shift in perceptions. This endeavor envisions fostering pride, inclusivity, and economic prospects for Roma designers. The project, executed in partnership with designers from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, and Spain, features the inclusive Roma Business Club. The fashion exhibition, situated in Brussels, spotlights Roma creativity.


Website and social media:

REDI website

REDI on Facebook

REDI on Instagram

REDI on Twitter

REDI on LinkedIn




Country/Location: Romania


Grantee: Roma Collective Arts and Culture


Project title: Loly Haute Couture


Implementation dates: September 2023 – May 2024 (8 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 8,000.00



Project description:


With support from ERIAC and the European Union, Rromane Collective Arts and Culture introduces the Loly Haute Couture project. This transformative journey blends Roma heritage and contemporary design, resulting in 8 exclusive outfits that intricately weave traditional symbols into modern fabrics. This initiative breaks new ground for the Loly brand, expanding beyond “pret-a-porter” fashion. By celebrating Roma culture and identity, we address past misrepresentations and elevate our presence in the fashion industry. The collection showcases 8 outfits that embody Roma values, featuring reinterpretations of the Roma wheel, floral motifs, and musical instruments. These unique creations will grace exhibitions, fashion shows, and the 2024 Cultural Style Week in London. The Haute Couture Loly project is driven by a contemporary Roma spirit, celebrating both culture and the craftsmanship of Roma artists. This bold fusion challenges norms and propels Roma heritage into the forefront of high fashion, fostering wider recognition and appreciation.


Website and social media:

Roma Collective Arts and Culture – Loly Haute Couture project website

Roma Collective Arts and Culture – Loly Haute Couture project Facebook  

Roma Collective Arts and Culture – Loly Haute Couture project Instagram   





Country/Location: Romania/ International (online access)

Grantee: Association Roma Center Amare Rromentza


Project title: Amaro Museo – Amaro Ceacipe – Rroma Virtual Museum Promotion


Implementation dates: September 2023 – August 2024 (12 months)


ERIACNET4EU grant offer: € 6,000.00



Project description:


The Association Roma Center Amare Rromentza, in collaboration with support from ERIAC and the European Union, is advancing the “Rroma Virtual Museum Promotion” initiative. This project aims to amplify the visibility of the Roma virtual museum—a unique platform celebrating Romani history and culture. Its mission is to enhance awareness of Roma arts and culture among diverse communities, shedding light on their significant contributions to Romanian and European heritage. The project counters anti-Roma biases through active cultural promotion, fostering positive perceptions of the Roma community.


Website and social media:

Amare Rromentza website  and Amaro Museo website

Amare Rromentza on Facebook

Amare Rromentza on YouTube

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Public debate BARVALO: an exhibition where Roma are shaping the narrative ERIAC contributes to the 600th Anniversary of Sigismund of Luxembourg Roma Decree at the House of European History and the European Parliament Kick-off meeting launching the ERIACNET4EU 2023 Sami Mustafa: Fairy Tales that Tell Your Story, and Cultural Transmission over Space and Time WEAVE WEAVE Collective Remembrance – Eugen Raportoru: Gelem, Gelem Samudaripen ERIAC and WEAVE work for metadata curation of Roma community collections European Anti-Racism Summit 2022 ARTromnja: a video project on Roma women artists and changemakers Symposium: Institutions and Resistance – Alliances for Art at Risk Chapter 23 by Kal band on Serbian National TV and Radio The Role of Artist Residencies in the Promotion of Roma Contemporary Art ERIAC joins the 12th meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller civil society Delegation of the Council of Europe´s Advisory Committee on FCNM Visited ERIAC ‘Proud Roma in Free Slovakia’ Launched to Encourage Participation in 2021 National Census World Music Day at ERIAC SERBIA The Transnational Romani Resistance March video is out! Official Opening of ERIAC Serbia ON-LINE COURSE ON ROMANI CULTURE FOR THE STAFF OF THE INSTITUTIONS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION Winners Caricature Competition Announcement of Artist Residency Winners 2021 in Villa Romana, Florence EXTRAORDINARY Meeting of the General Assembly of European Institute for Arts and Culture WORLD ROMA CONGRESS. 50th Anniversary Exhibition CULTURAL EVENING WITH ERIAC DURING 3RD ADI-ROM MEETING ERIAC STRATEGY 2021-2025 III. GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING OF THE EUROPEAN ROMA INSTITUTE FOR ARTS AND CULTURE (ERIAC) ONLINE Diaspora Europe Opening Germany takes over the Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe Critical Pedagogy, Romani Emancipation and Post-COVID Education Open Call: Romani Language Teachers, Translators, Interpreters Andaro Angluno Vast | First-Hand Safeguarding our Romani Language – International Conference Roma Cultural History Initiative (RCHI) 2020 Roma Tangible Heritage Network (RTHN) 2019 Cultural Institutions Network Initiative (CINI) 2018 International Cultural Outreach Program 2017 Roma Cultural History Initiative – updates Webinar: “Commemorating the Victims, Remembering the Heroes” #RomaRemember: Joint International Campaign for Roma and Sinti Holocaust Remembrance 2020 OPEN CALL: ROMANI LANGUAGE BOOK ILLUSTRATOR HAJDE TE KHELAS – ERIAC Dance Contest RESULTS OF THE ERIAC ARTS AND CULTURE INNOVATION PROGRAM ANNOUNCED! Online Video Series – Katitzi Exhibition ERIAC ARTS AND CULTURE INNOVATION PROGRAM – CALL FOR APPLICATIONS! “Stay at home & Make Music” Online Family Music Competition Became a Member of ERIAC – 3rd call for members is open! International Roma Day Online: Roma Couch Festival Performing the Museum – Online Exhibition ERIAC Questionnaire on COVID-19 impact on Roma arts and culture ERIAC hosts an Extraordinary General Assembly to assess the impact of Covid-19 on Roma arts and culture PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING COVID-19 OUTBREAK FUTUROMA exhibition opens in Villa Romana in Florence (29. April) Diaspora Europe: Event series of ERIAC and Volksbühne Berlin 2020 “Who is afraid of identity politics?” ERIAC joins the discussion at the CEU ERIAC is awarded a grant from the European Cultural Foundation Alina Serban – winner of the 1st Tajsa Roma Cultural Heritage Prize TAJSA PRIZE CEREMONY AND DORANTES CONCERT Barvalipe Academy holds its second meeting in Berlin ERIAC IMPACT – public presentation of the ERIAC achievements and plans ERIAC celebrates its second General Assembly in Berlin Finalists of the Tajsa Roma Cultural Heritage Prize 2019 announced! Roma Tangible Heritage Symposium – Stockholm Secretary General of the Council of Europe Marija Pejčinović Burić visited ERIAC KATITZI – A LITERARY CHARACTER ROOTED IN REALITY CHROMA – THE FUTURE IS ROMA – WE PASS THE MIC TO EUROPE ERIAC at the Timisoara Biennale ERIAC at the International Seminar on Countering Distortion and Protecting the Civil and Human Rights of Roma TAJSA PRIZE 2019 Teachers from the Academy of Anti-Discrimination Education visit ERIAC ERIAC Promoted the FUTUROMA Pavilion in Venice ECF PRINCESS MARGARITA AWARD ERIAC joins EC consultations about the future of Roma policies for Roma Dr. Michael Groß, Consul General of Germany in Krakow, visits ERIAC ERIAC’s Roma Tangible Heritage Network (RE)CONCEPTUALIZING ROMA RESISTANCE TEARS OF GOLD/ SOWNAKUNE JASFA International Conference “IS ‘AUSCHWITZ ONLY SLEEPING’? SINTI AND ROMA NARRATIVES AFTER THE HOLOCAUST” Schoolclash visiting ERIAC’s Exhibition “Roma Women Weaving Europe” on its last Week ERIAC contributes to the CEU Summer School “Romani Identities and Antigypsyism” 2019 Florin Nasture and Miguel Angel Vargas appointed as new members of the ERIAC Barvalipe Academy