Performing the Museum – Online Exhibition

Performing the Museum

Apr. 8, 2020 – Online Exhibition

On the occasion of the International Roma Day, April 8th, ERIAC is opening its first online group exhibition entitled ‘Performing the Museum’ that will launch here on the website on April 8, 2020 at 5p.m. CET.



With and by works of six Roma and non-Roma artists:  Oto Hudec, Daniela Krajčová, Emília Rigová, Selma Selman, Robert Gabris and Marcela Hadová, curated by Denisa Tomkova.


Exhibition Booklet: Performing the Museum (ENGLISH

Exhibition Booklet: Performing the Museum (ROMANES)


🖥The opening is took place online on Zoom Webinar.


Welcoming Remarks by

Timea Junghaus (art historian, executive director of ERIAC)
Denisa Tomkova (art historian, curator)


Q&A with artists and curator


This exhibition brings together two projects that question the absence of Roma representation in arts and culture spaces. Firstly, the project ‘Invisible Museum’—initiated by the Slovak artist Oto Hudec in 2017 at tranzit.sk— which challenges the idea of traditional ethnographic role of museums, where “othering” through the observation, documentation and mapping of the essentialized subject is strongly embedded. Hudec’s project rather proposes a new kind of institution that serves a more discursive, collaborative and emancipatory function. Secondly, and complementary to Hudec’s idea, is the proposal by ERIAC and OFF-Biennale in Budapest, RomaMoMA, which imagines a transnational Museum of Roma Contemporary Art.


Information about the exhibition for the press in English and Romanes:

PERFORMING THE MUSEUM_press release – English

PERFORMING THE MUSEUM_scurto nevipe – Romanes

Oto Hudec and Emilia Rigova in dialogue_2017