ERIAC is proud to announce the public launch of the project titled “Reclaiming Our Past, Rebuilding Our Future: New Approaches to Fighting Antigypsyism” (JEKHIPE), financed by the European Commission under the Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values Programme (CERV).




Under the Jekhipe project, the Consortium partners, including the European Roma Grassroots Organisations Network (ERGO), the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC), and the European Center for Policy Studies (CEPS), together with national partners from Czechia (Slovo 21), Germany (Central Council for German Sinti and Roma), Italy (Union of Romani Communities in Italy – UCRI and Romni association), Romania (Roma Center Amare Romentza), Spain (Federation of Roma Associations of Catalonia – FAGiC and Romane Siklovne association), and Sweden (Trajosko Drom), will address some of the key structural and institutional obstacles in achieving justice and equality for Roma.


These obstacles include the lack of acknowledgment of Roma as victims of historical injustices such as slavery or the Holocaust, inadequate compensations and reconciliation processes, lack of access to services and rights, absence of Roma museums and institutional representation in arts and culture, and deficient Roma history teaching. The project aims to restore the humanity and dignity of Roma and provide value to Roma identity, addressing issues that have perpetuated marginalization and victimization of Roma in society.


JEKHIPE focuses on multiple levels of policy-making, including research, monitoring, advocacy, networking, alliances building, awareness raising, capacity building, and empowerment. It aims to engage with national and European institutions, academia, politicians, justice mechanisms, state authorities, civil society, and Roma communities themselves to challenge the status quo on approaching Roma issues, particularly antigypsyism, and propose mechanisms for increased accountability by national governments.


The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Establish expert and/or truth commissions on antigypsyism.
  • Develop policy recommendations for EU and national policymakers on transitional justice approaches to address antigypsyism.
  • Raise awareness of institutional antigypsyism and policy and legislative developments in the fight against antigypsyism.
  • Promote Roma identity, history, and culture to prevent and fight antigypsyism, including incorporating Roma history and culture into school curricula.
  • Empower Roma communities and NGOs to recognize and fight antigypsyism.
  • Capacitate local Roma civil society and key stakeholders in countering antigypsyism.

The Kick-Off event titled “Transitional Justice to Tackle Antigypsyism, Reclaim Our Past and Rebuild Our Future” will take place in Brussels during the Romani Week on April 10, 2024, between 14:00 – 17:30, at the European Committee of the Regions (CoR), Van Maerlantstraat 2, Room VMA21.


Agenda Highlights:

  • Opening Transitional Justice Conference
  • Introduction to the Jekhipen Project
  • European Working Group on Transitional Justice for Roma
  • Concluding the day with reflections from key policymakers and advocates, followed by networking over drinks and refreshments.

More details about the event and full agenda you can find HERE


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