European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture is Proud to Announce the Launching Of The Tajsa Roma Cultural Heritage Prize 2023




The Tajsa Prize embodies the founding principles of ERIAC and the spirit of Roma history and cultural heritage while looking onwards, shaping and re-inventing forms of Roma cultural expressions for the next generations. The prize aims to honor outstanding individuals who are leading voices of the Roma cultural movement today. It seeks to encourage Roma pride and promote the creativity, virtuosity, and talent of Roma cultural producers.


Each year, the endowment of the Tajsa Prize is sponsored entirely by the ERIAC associate membership to promote the pedagogy of Roma contribution and self-determination. In 2023, the Tajsa Prize comes with an endowment of 10,000 euros.



The Tajsa Prize is a recognition for a Roma individual working in any of the following domains of arts and culture:

  • All fields and genres of the arts, including visual arts, performing arts, literature, photography, film, design, dance, music, fashion, etc.;
  • Scholarship, knowledge-production and critical thinking;
  • Media (journalists, bloggers, media producers, etc.).

The nomination process is open to the broad public – anyone can nominate the 2023 Tajsa Winner.

The nominees shall be Roma individuals from any of the many groups represented under the over-arching term “Roma”, disregarding nationality, age, gender or sexual orientation.

  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Past winners of the Tajsa Prize will not be eligible.
  • To avoid conflict of interest, Barvalipe and Board members shall not be eligible for nominations.

The deadline for submitting nominations via the ERIAC nomination form (see below) is October 29, 2023.



An international 5-person Jury composed of ERIAC 1 Board member, 3 Barvalipe Academy members and the ERIAC Executive Director will select five finalists, who will be announced on November 5. The finalists will be invited to submit additional materials supporting their candidacy. We will promote the five finalists on our social media.


A final jury committee composed of the five ERIAC Board members, the 15 Barvalipe Academy Members, and the ERIAC Executive Director will vote anonymously for the Tajsa winner.

The winner of the Tajsa Prize will be announced during the Tajsa Prize ceremony on November 30, 2023, at the Gorki Theatre in Berlin, Germany.


The Tajsa Cultural Heritage Prize Ceremony 2023 is an event co-financed by the Federal Foreign Office, the European Commission, in the frame of the ERIACNET4EU project and ERIAC.