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Roma Cultural History Initiative

May – December 2020



ERIAC continues its international outreach activities with the ROMA CULTURAL HISTORY INITIATIVE (RCHI), financed by the German Federal Foreign Office (FFO). The ROMA CULTURAL HISTORY INITIATIVE is a continuation of the previous ERIAC international programs – “International Cultural Outreach Program” (2017-2018), “Cultural Institutions Network Initiative” (2018-2019) and “Roma Tangible Heritage Network” (2018-2019) – which aim at bringing ERIAC`s cultural programming to diverse audiences in places outside of the ERIAC headquarter in Berlin.


The ROMA CULTURAL HISTORY INITIATIVE is a ERIAC membership-driven project that will produce and disseminate foundational materials for the lasting preservation and education of Roma identity through symbolism, language and the shaping of a transgenerational understanding of Roma cultural history.


Additionally, through this project, ERIAC will engage its current and future members by sharing and promoting ERIAC’s empowering vision, focusing on arts and culture and promotion of Roma cultural heritage.


Given the uncertainties created by the global Covid-19 pandemic, RCHI will include ambitious activities that can be developed disregarding possible travel restrictions and social distancing regulations in different countries in Europe.


More specifically, ROMA CULTURAL HISTORY INITIATIVE includes the following components:


Romani Language Reform and International Romani Language Council
Barvalipe Roma Online University – an online education program on Roma cultural history
RomaMoMa – the Digital Roma Museum
Identity Packages to strengthen the Roma cultural movement