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***Find here the CALL in ROMANES***


ERIAC is proud to be a partner of the the International Press Institute (IPI) and MIDAS who announced today, April 12, the first call for applications for the NewsSpectrum Fellowship.


The fellowship is open to journalists and other media professionals working for minority-language media in the EU (including Roma and migrant languages) and aims to encourage working partnerships between minority- and majority-language news outlets.


NewsSpectrum expects to fund 40 fellowships in 2021 through two schemes: Collaborative Reporting Fellowships and Professional Placement Fellowships.


Deadline: MAY 28, 2021


Click here to access all the information:

NewsSpectrum Fellowship for minority-language media opens first call for applications


Call available in Arabic, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Denish, Farsi, French, Frysk, Galician, German, Magyar, Italian, Kashubian, Kurdî, Ladin, Polish, Romanes, Romanian, Russian, Northern Sami, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Slovene, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Welsh




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