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In the framework of the European Cultural Heritage Summit, ERIAC contributed to the panel discussion, “Endangered heritage / Endangered Values,” organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

The debate was moderated by Dr. Piet Jaspaert, the Vice President of Europa Nostra. Dr. Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, the Deputy Director of ERIAC took part in the discussion, highlighting the importance of providing visibility and recognition to tangible and intangible Roma cultural heritage, as part of the common patrimony of national and European cultures.



Other panelists included Prof. Dr. Irina Subotic of the University of Arts Belgrade, cultural journalist Ms. Eliza Marin, U.S. theologian Prof. Dr. Karl Donfried (also of Smith College), and Ms. Aida Vežić, the Secretary General of the Network of European Museums (NEMO), and Deputy Head of the Bosnian branch of Cultural Heritage Without Borders (CHwB).