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Roma Exhibition at the 58th Venice Contemporary Art Biennale in 2019

Chairman of the ERIAC Board, Zeljko Jovanovic and Executive Director, Timea Junghaus, as the Commissioners of the collaborative event – publish the present call for the curator of the Roma Exhibition in 2019.


The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture has a unique and single mandate as the first, transnational, European-level organization for the recognition of Roma arts and culture. ERIAC acts as an international creative hub to support the exchange of creative ideas across borders, cultural domains and Roma identities in Europe and beyond. ERIAC promotes the Roma contributions to European culture, talent, success, and achievement, as well as documents the historical experience of Romani people in Europe.


ERIAC was launched in Berlin, Germany in 2017 as a joint initiative of the Council of Europe, the Open Society Foundations, and the Alliance for the European Roma Institute. ERIAC is the first European level institution of the largest minority in Europe – the Romani people -and as such it is a historical and ground-breaking development. ERIAC embodies the success of the recognition of Roma leadership and Roma arts and culture. The establishment – achievement of ERIAC contains the efforts made by the transnational, well-organized and persistent Roma cultural movement and its non-Roma allies and supporters throughout Europe, who understand that social inclusion is impossible without cultural inclusion, and who know that the security and well-being of the largest minority is a precondition for the stability and prosperity of a democratic Europe.


Call for Curator

ERIAC is seeking the curator of the Roma Exhibition in 2019 to demonstrate the institution’s founding principles – such as the highest quality standards in arts and culture, and Roma leadership – at the most prestigious art event of the contemporary art scene, the Venice Contemporary Art Biennale.

ERIAC seeks a courageous and visionary curator with a proposal for a group exhibition, which speaks deeply, sensitively, and authentically from within the Roma subjectivity. The proposed project shall have the capacity to use the transformative power of art to make an impact on Roma lives. We foresee an initiative, through which the widely fragmented, diverse and dispersed Roma communities may have a transformative and inspiring opportunity to transcend national boundaries and invite universal participation.


• A demonstrated history in curating and/ or cultural management;
• Knowledge of the contemporary Roma arts and culture scene;
• Relevant education and experience;
• Ability to contact artists, prepare and manage the exhibition;
• Proven record in project administration and reporting;
• Demonstrated commitment to equal opportunities and diversity.


In the curatorial proposal please include the following:

1. Proposed title for the Exhibition
2. List of the participating exhibitors (with their biographical information, max. 100 words) and the description of artworks to be exhibited
3. Exhibition Concept (max 500 words)
4. Illustrative images of the works to be placed on exhibit, which meet the standards set for publication (min. format 24 x 32 cm, 300 dpi, tiff/jpg file) with complete captions and photography credits
5. Exhibition graphics
6. Curator’s biography (max. 500 words)
7. A chart of the exhibition budget of maximum 25,000 Euros, including, artists’ fees, material costs, installation, shipping, insurance, and other related expenses


Applications from all suitably qualified candidates, irrespective of gender, disability, marital or parental status, racial, ethnic or social origin, color, religion, belief, or sexual orientation are welcome. Candidates of self-declared Roma origin are particularly encouraged to apply.


Please send your proposal electronically both as a word document and as one pdf document in English.
To be sent to: eriac@eriac.org
Deadline for applications: 10 October 2018 17.00 CET


Evaluation process:
To review the submitted proposals, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture established an International Advisory Committee, composed of distinguished experts of the ERIAC membership


Time-frame of the initiative:
October 2018 – April 2018 Curatorial work, preparation;
May 2019 – Opening of the Roma Exhibition 2019;
June – November 2019 – Guided tours, education activities, connecting events, promotion;
November 2019 – Close Exhibition;
December 2019 – Evaluation, reporting.


ERIAC did not conclude negotiations for the future space of the Roma Exhibition, yet. The proposal shall be adaptable to a space of maximum 200 sqm, approx. 3.8 m-s internal height.



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