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On 01 August, a day before the International Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day, ERIAC participated in a discussion organized at the German Bundestag, in the framework of the International Summer Camp, “Remember the past. Respond to the present”. The Summer Camp, organized by the Anne Frank Zentrum and Anne Frank House and taking place from 29 July to 03 August, brought together over 100 young participants from 16 countries, part of the worldwide Anne Frank Youth Network. The camp’s aim was to discuss the causes and consequences of the turning point of 1938 and also how now, 80 years later, it is remembered in Germany and around the world.


The discussion at the German Bundestag brought together outstanding speakers to debate the practices of commemoration and represent the voices of the forgotten victims of National Socialism. Participants included Mrs. Gesine Lötzsch, the Deputy Chairwoman of the Left Party (Die Linke) and Martin Georgi from the Förderkreis Gedenkort T4 e.V, a representative of the victims of euthanasia. Dr. Mirga-Kruszelnicka, the Deputy Director of ERIAC, joined the discussion to represent the Roma perspective on the practices of commemoration and importance of historical justice in the context of current developments in Europe.



Photos: Anne Frank Zentrum/ Jan Schapira