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The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) hosted a reception for the Ad Hoc Committee of Experts on Roma and Traveller Issues (CAHROM), on 22 February 2019, at the ERIAC office space in Berlin, Germany. The CAHROM group of experts were participating in a three-day thematic visit to Germany, focusing on governmental support for the promotion of Romani arts and culture, Holocaust remembrance, and international cooperation.


During the morning session on the second day of their events, ERIAC was presented by Timea Junghaus, Executive Director of ERIAC, and Dr. Lorenz Bath as a good practice in promoting Roma arts and culture. Later, the committee experts participated in a workshop at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, chaired by Timea Junghaus and Jan Hero, a Slovak CAHROM member. Following the workshop on the topics of defining common challenges and relevant best practices for all member States, as well as possibilities for international cooperation, the group made their way to ERIAC’s office space on Reinhardtstraße 41-43, Berlin.


After an introduction by Dr. Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Deputy Director of ERIAC, Ministerial Director Dr. Michael Frehse gave a speech on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The group was then given a tour of the current exhibit on display at ERIAC, “Gypsyism Balkanism – Uniting Peripheries,” with works from Roma artists Sead Kazanxhiu and Selma Selman, and were additionally shown clips from events of ERIAC’s Cultural Institutions Network Initiative. The event concluded with a reception.