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Upcoming Events & Exhibitions



Manolo Gómez: Ya es hora-Now is the Time, 

09.11.2022- 31.11.2022, ERIAC Berlin

All the Birds Are Praying for Our Children: Sead Kazanxhiu, Farija Mehmeti, Zoran Tairović

02.08.2022-30.11.2022, Manifesta 14, ERIAC Serbia, Belgrade.

Emília Rigová: And the One Doesn’t Stir without the Other

15.07.2022-11.12.2022, Roma Pavilion at the 23rd International Art Exhibition Triennale Milano, Milan

Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, Re-enchanting the World

23.04.2022-27.11.2022, Polish Pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2022, Venice

Eugen Raportoru, The Abduction from the Seraglio. Roma Women, Performative Strategies of Resistance

23.04.2022-27.11.2022, Collateral Event at the 59th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venice




All That We Have in Common, Delaine Le Bas, Ahmet Kadri, Sead Kazanxhiu, Sead Kazanxhiu, Robert Gabris and Luboš Kotlár, Roma Jam Session Art Kollective – Mustafa Asan, Mo Diener, Milena Petrovic, Nihad Nino Pusija, André Jenö Raatzsch, Emilia Rigova, Ceija Stojka, Dan Turner, Małgorzata Mirga-Tas,  Durmiš Kazim, curated by Mustafa Asan, Mo Diener, Mira Gakjina, and Jovanka Popova

08.11.2022-23.02.2023, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Skopje, Northern Macedonia.

The Other Side of the Image: Delaine Le Bas, Sead Kazanxhiu, Nihad Nino Pušija, Zoran Tairović, curated by Vladan Jerem

10.11.2022-06.12.2022, Svilara, Novi Sad, Serbia



Daniel Baker, János Balázs, Robert Gabris, Sead Kazanxhiu, Damian Le Bas, Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, Omara (Mara Oláh), Tamás Peli, Selma Selman, Ceija Stojka, One Day We Shall Celebrate Again

18.06.2022-25.09.2022, RomaMoMA at documenta fifteen, Kassel

Delaine Le Bas, Beware of Linguistic Engineering

31.03.2022-30.09.2022, Gorki, Berlin

RomaMoMA ft. Daniel Baker and Farija Mehmeti, Roma Rajni

22.07.2022-30.10.2022, Manifesta 14, National Library of Kosovo.

Daniel Baker, Adjacent RomaMoMA Library display

16.09.21-31.10.21 within Vulnerable Archives. On Silenced Archives and Dissenting Views. SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin.

Selma Selman: Don’t Look Into My Eyes

02.09.21- 24.10.21 Kasseler Kunstverein. With support from ERIAC. More here.

Valérie Leray: No Innocent Landscape

02.08.2021-29.10.2021 ERIAC Berlin Gallery, Reinhardtstraße 41-43, 10117 Berlin. More here.

2nd Roma Biennale: We Are Here!

08.04.21-24.10.21 Berlin, Germany. Initiated by Damian Le Bas, co-curated by Delaine Le Bas and Hamze Bytyci. Follow the link for the list of participating artists.

RESIST! Die Kunst des Widerstands

29.01.21 – 09.01.22 Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Cologne

Exhibition curated by Peju Layiwola, Esther Utjiua Muinjangue & Ida Hoffmann, Tímea Junghaus, Elizaveta Khan & Mona Leitmeier

Mersud Selman: Do not spit in my face

27.01.21 – ongoing Online event

Solo exhibition


Artist talk. Ľuboš Kotlár and Norbert Olàh in conversation with Teodora Talhoș in Villa Romana in Florence

15.10.21 at 7 pm. Ľuboš Kotlár and Norbert Olàh both International Guest Artists in 2021 at Villa Romana, will talk about their latest artistic projects. The two artists have been chosen to complete a two months residency as a result of a cooperation between ERIAC and Villa Romana Florence. Their presentation will be followed by a discussion about collective means of art production, locality and representation. The discussion has an open format to which the audience is invited to actively get involved.

Art and Healing- A Roma Contribution for Europe

24.07.21- 26.09.21 Schafhof European Center for Art Upper Bavaria. Co-curated by ERIAC. V.Leray, S.Selman, D. Turner, A. Ullrich and RomaMoMA Library.


01.07.20 – 11.09.21 Prishtina, Prizren, Peja, Kosovo.

Curated by Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu & Joanna Warsza. Malgorzata Mirga-Tas as participating artist

ALIENPOLKA- Druckgrafik 2021

01.08.20-05.09.20 KVD in Schloss Dachau, Germany.

Alfred Ullrich as participating artist

Selma Selman

23.07.21-01.09.2021 National Gallery of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo. Curator: Amila Ramovic

INHALE! 3rd Edition of OFF-Biennale Budapest

Opening in April 2021

Mediterranea 19 Young Artist Biennale: School of Waters

13.05.21 – 16.05.21 Selma Selman as participating artist

Joakim Eskildsen / Nihad Pušija: A Photographic Journey into Roma Lives

25.03.21 – 18.04.21 Federal Foreign Office Berlin 

Exhibition curated by Timea Junghaus, Sofia Erto, Denisa Tomkova

Family Archives

17.03.21 – 15.05.21 ERIAC Art Space Berlin

Exhibition curated by Sofia Erto, Ráhel Rudolf, Timea Junghaus


19.02.21 – 28.03.2021 at Galeria Arsenal, Białystok

Exhibition curated by Wojciech Szymanski

Diaspora Europe: Romanistan Exhibition

15.12.20 – 17.03.21 Online event

Exhibition curated by Andrea Petrus at ERIAC Space

On the edge of society: Anti-Roma discrimination in Serbia & Hungary

02.03.21 11.00 UTC Digital event

Panel organized by Minority Rights Group International and NGO Praxis Serbia

Open Call: Artist Residencies in Florence for Two Roma Contemporary Artists in 2021

01.02.21 – 01.03.21 Open Call for artist residencies ar Villa Romana Florence

Online Premiere: Letters of Forgiveness with Alina Serban (in Romanian)

From 19.02.21 11 p.m. UTC – available for 24 hours

RESIST! Conversations: It´s Yours! In-Haus e.V.

18.02.21 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Online conversation with Elizaveta Khan in the framework of the RESIST! Exhibition at Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum


11.02.21. 7 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. Online conversation with curator Timea Junghaus in the framework of the RESIST! Exhibition at Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum


04.02.21. 7 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. Online conversation with curator Esther Utjiua Muinjangue in the framework of the RESIST! Exhibition at Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum

Diaspora Europe Digital: The Rosenberg Trio

27.01.21 Online event: streaming

Festival curated by Volksbühne Berlin and ERIAC

Diaspora Europe Digital: Ferenc Snétberger

27.01.21 Online event: streaming

Festival curated by Volksbühne Berlin and ERIAC

Diaspora Europe Digital: Sinti_ze Jazz 

27.01.21 Online event: streaming

Festival curated by Volksbühne Berlin and ERIAC

Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead: Una forma de ser

17.10.20 – 17.01.21 Württembergirscher Kunstverein Stuttgart

Group exhibition curated by María García und Pedro G. Romero

Diaspora Europe: Family Archives

10.12.20 – 07.01.21 Glaspavillon, Volksbühne Berlin

Exhibition curated by Ráhel Rudolf and Sofia Erto


01.11.20 – 30.12.20 Schemnitz Gallery, Banská Štiavnica

Exhibition curated by Petra Hanáková

Nihad Nino Pušija: Andaro Angluno Vast (First-Hand)

25.09.20 – 15.12.2020 ERIAC Space, Berlin

Soft Opening: 25.09.2020 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Photography exhibition in the framework of EMOP Berlin curated by Zsófia Bihari

Roma Heroes – IV. International Roma Theatre Festival

21.10.20. – 09.12.20 Independent Theatre Hungary, Budapest

Online event

Q&A with Alina Serban: Gipsy Queen & Letter of Forgiveness 

21.11.20, 11am PST

Online Event

Imrich Tomáš: Retrospektive. Mein Leben in West Berlin

29.10.20 – 28.11.20, Stiftung Kai Dikhas Berlin

Solo Exhibition

Romnja* Power Autumn 2020 

08.10.20 – 08.11.20 Online event

Event curated by IniRromnja and RomaniPhen

Małgorzata Mirga-Tas: Stories We Become

01.10.20 – 06.11.20 Szydlowski Gallery, Warsaw

Exhibition curated by Joanna Warsza

11. Berlin Biennale for contemporary art

05.09.20 – 01.11.20 Berlin

Delaine le Bas and Małgorzata Mirga-Tas as participating artists

Djelem Djelem 2020

07.10.20 – 23.10.20 Dortmund

Roma Cultural Festival organized by AWO Dortmund, Theater im Depot, Kulturbüro, Dietrich-Keuning-Haus, Carmen e.v. and Romano Than

Bílá Místa (White Spaces)

17.09.20 – 18.10.20 Hraničář Gallery, Ústí nad Labem

Exhibition curated by Věra Duždová Horváthová and Vendula Fremlová


08.09.20 – 16.10.20 Villa Romana, Florence

Group exhibition curated by Daniel Baker