Diaspora Europe at ERIAC Space

Diaspora Europe

Image: Detail of the artwork © Gypsyland. Roma Da Da. Damian Le Bas (2015)


Exhibition: 15.12.2020 – 17.03.2021


Reinhardtstr 41-43, 10117 Berlin

Organized in the framework of the German Council of Europe Presidency during 2020

Artists: Daniel Baker | Kálman Várady | George Vasilescu | Damian Le Bas | Gérard Gartner | Alfred Ullrich

Contributors: Nicoleta Bitu | Mihaela Dragan | Ethel Brooks | Ismael Cortés Gómez | Dijana Pavlović | Iulius Rostas | Gilda-Nancy Horvath | Andre Raatzsch | Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka | Zeljko Jovanović | Timea Junghaus | Lindy Larsson | Miguel Angel Vargas Rubio | Gonzalo Montaño Peña | Roberto Kyuchukov

This creative adventure builds on the discussions of ERIAC with numerous European Roma intellectuals, public figures, politicians, artists, citizens and youth, who imagine, discuss dispute and perform the idea of Romanistan.

The exhibition comprises the video archive, with visual art, cinematographic elements, historical and personal documents, aiding mediation around the poetic concept of a non-territorial, transnational, diaspora nation: Romanistan.

VIRTUAL OPENING on December 15, 2020

Due to Covid-19 regulations in Berlin and in accordance with the decisions of the federal and state governments of 25 November, Diaspora Europe opening will be virtual. The exhibition will remain closed to the public until a new announcement from the federal and state governments of new measures regarding cultural restrictions.



Camera, dron and edition: Kornel Szilagyi; Music: Ole Bahrmann


Watch the complete Romanistan Monologues:

Interviewer: Panni Neder; Editor: Jozsef Halmen; Subtitles: Adele Eisenstein


At the exhibition you can also find ROMATOPIA – Roma talk about their Utopia for tomorrow’s Europe

For the podcast “Romatopia – Roma talk about their Utopia for tomorrow’s Europe” William Bila and Isabel Raabe meet noteworthy community members (artists, musicians, academics, activists) from all over Europe. Aren’t Roma role models in terms of solidarity, cultural richness or transnational unity despite national peculiarities – ideal role models for the “idea of Europe”? Isabel Raabe is interested in what the majority societies could learn from Roma, and William Bila in hearing about what being Romani is to other people. And they both want to learn about the utopias of their guests.


Listen to the podcast Romatopia here: #1: “I make shiny things” with Daniel Baker

Idea und concept: Isabel Raabe; Editors: Isabel Raabe and William Bila; Direction: Katja Lehmann; Sounddesign: Selamet and Kefaet Prizreni; Cover motive: Altered States: EU-R © Daniel Baker 2015; Production: Media Bricks Berlin 2020

RomaTopia is supported by the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Council of Europe/Roma & Travellers Team


ERIAC Art Space:


In collaboration with:
Romatopia podcast
Panni Néder, interviewer of Romanistan Monologues

Kai DIkhas Gallery


Gypsyland. Roma Da Da. Damian Le Bas (2015)



Curator: Andrea Petrus

with the support of Timea Junghaus, Executive Director of ERIAC