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RomaMoMA – The Digital Roma Museum was launched in the framework of ERIAC’s Roma Cultural History Initiative financed by the German Federal Foreign Office (FFO).

RomaMoMA is part of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC)’s International Membership Engagement Initiative. Building on previous international cultural outreach projects, the International Membership Engagement Initiative, financed by the German Federal Foreign Office, aims to facilitate and strengthen the engagement of Roma and non-Roma individuals and organizations who are committed to ERIAC’s values to support the exchange of creative ideas across borders, and to promote Roma organizations, intellectuals, and artists to form multilateral initiatives and regional alliances.


Members of the RomaMoMA Think Tank

Kader Attia (artist and scholar), Ethel Brooks (Professor at Rutgers University, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies), Rashida Bumbray (curator, Director of Culture and Art Program of the Open Society Foundations), Julia Ferloni (Curator, MUCEM, Marseille), Robert Gabris (contemporary artist), Ian Hancock (Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, Department of Linguistics), Jana Horváthová (Director, Museum of Romani Culture-Brno), Tímea Junghaus (art historian, curator, Executive Director of ERIAC), Angela Kocze (Director of Romani Studies Program, Central European University), Delaine Le Bas (artist), Maria Lind (curator, writer, educator, Cultural Counsellor at the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow), Vera Marusic (Curator, Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Köln), Achille Mbembe (Professor at University of Wits Witwatersrand, Institute for Social and Economic Research), André Jenő Raatzsch (artist, Documentation and Cultural Centre for German Sinti and Roma, Heidelberg/RomArchive project), Emilia Rigova (artist, head of Roma Arts and Culture Department at University of Matej Bel, Slovakia, Banská Bystrica), Selma Selman (contemporary artist), Nanette Snoep (Director, Rautenstrauch-JoestMuseum in Köln), Denisa Tomkova (art historian, scholar, curator)



Project Contributors

  • Visual identity: Zsigmond Bernáthy, LIW Digital Agency and David Muresan
  • Video editing: Jozsef Halmen, Kornél Szilágyi and Ana Stanic
  • “Roma Cultural History Initiative” project coordinator until December 2020: Ágota Szilágyi-Kispista
  • Special thanks to: Natali Tomenko and Zsófia Bihari

Sofia Erto

“RomaMoMA – The Digital Roma Museum” Project Coordinator August 2020 – April 2021

Tímea Junghaus 

ERIAC Executive Director, Chief Curator, RomaMoMA Blog editor-at-large

Bratislav Mitrovic

ERIAC Belgrade Office Manager, RomaMoMA graphic designer

Emese Molnar

RomaMoMA Program Manager, RomaMoMA Blog Editor

Adèle Eisenstein

RomaMoMA Copy editor