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RomaMoMA is a transnational, collaborative and discursive art project of the European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture (ERIAC) and OFF-Biennale Budapest. It is a platform to envision and discuss the possible forms of a Roma museum of modern and contemporary art that will expand in time and space through a series of exhibitions, discussions, and art projects.

RomaMoMA – the Digital Roma Museum invites Roma and non-Roma artists, cultural experts, scholars and civil society to imagine an institution which will hopefully soon be realised as a cutting-edge agent of the contemporary arts and culture scene.

Oto Hudec: Invisible Museum, project, 2017

Due to the uncertainties created by the global Covid-19 pandemic, RomaMoMA has temporarily taken the form of a digital blog, to which virtual contributions can be made. ERIAC’s RomaMoMA digital platform is enriched by contributions in the form of critical reviews of a potential / imagined Roma museum from influential curators and artists, both as texts and video-interviews.

The RomaMoMA digital blog aims to function as a starting point for a long-lasting, well-established RomaMoMA initiative.

We aim to create a platform where ideas on the need for and possible roles of a transnational museum of Roma contemporary art can be exchanged, and to develop a collective proposal for the institution of such a museum.

Ultimately, the long-term goal of RomaMoMA is to form an Alliance of Institutions for European Roma Cultural Inclusion, to conduct a policy change. We invite all public institutions in Europe working with arts and culture – museums, concert halls, academic institutions, cultural decision-makers – to reshape museum protocols and join the Alliance of Institutions for European Roma Cultural Inclusion! Start the change within your own institution/organization!

Find the RomaMoMA Manifesto for the Alliance of Institutions for the European Roma Cultural Inclusion here.

Join the alliance by filling out the inquiry form and commit to institutional operations and programming that ensure the long-term cultural inclusion of Roma – first into our culture, and then into our societies. Please do not hesitate to reach out (, with your institution’s Roma inclusion policy, to discuss uncertainties, questions and future strategies, and to receive the certification, membership package, and any expertise you might need.

Follow the initiatives of other institutions on ERIAC’s Instagram account (eriac_romamoma) and use #romamoma to post your upcoming contemporary Roma art and cultural initiative.

The first initiative of RomaMoMA, an online group exhibition, is now available here
The exhibition “Performing the Museum” presents the imagined museum, which has been a long desired initiative of the Roma community, through dialogues and engagement with contemporary art.