Nataliya Tsekova




Natalia Mitkova Tsekova is an actress
Born in the town of Elin Pelin – 01.08.1984
2010 – 2014 – Acting for drama theater at NATFA “Krastyo Sarafov”
1999 – 2002 – Technical School of Ceramics and Glass – Elin Pelin
1991 – 1998 – Primary school “Hristo Botev” – Lesnovo
“Gypsy Wheels” – a one-man show by Natalia Tsekova, authors Zdrava Kamenova, Kalin Angelov.
Praxagoras in “Women’s Administration” based on Aristophanes’ comedies, directed by Anastasia Sabeva (diploma performance)
Piglet in “The Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, directed by Zdravko Mitkov (diploma performance)
Counselor Drag in “Unnatural Selection” by Boris Mitkov, directed by Boris Mitkov (diploma performance)
She – “We BG” author’s performance of “Replica Theater”
The Mother – “Found during the inspection” – directed by Neda Sokolovska, Vox popoli documentary theater
The Spirit of the Woman – “One Night in the Lair” – by Valeri Lekov, directed by Tosen Ramar

Cinema and television
The saleswoman from “Photo with Yuki” – directed by Lachezar Avramov – 2017
Masseuse – “Traveling Cinema” – directed by Iliya Kostov – 2017
Short films – “I’m going to Italy” directed by Ivo Markov.
Short films – “Mother” – directed by Ivaylo Minov
Other activities: Teacher in “Your Hour” – “Roma Folklore”