This week, we feature the Family Archives exhibition, currently on view at ERIAC Art Space Berlin, adapted from the exhibition originally curated within Diaspora Europe at the Volksbühne Berlin in December 2020.

The Family Archives exhibition is a subjective counterpoint to research into the public and institutional archives. This research is carried out with the participation of European Sinti and Roma public figures, intellectuals, artists, citizens and youth, who are willing to share their own family collections and experiences. The private archives dissolve the differences and connect the experiences between European citizens, unveiling Sinti and Roma diasporic history as a significant contribution to the common understanding of contemporary Europe.

This touching journey comprises childhood memories, precious personal family relics, self-definition statements and photographic material, all intertwined to explore the poetics of belonging, history and past, offering new perspectives for a mutual, polyphonic European future.

To respect the privacy of all participants, the presented people, voices and family relics are displayed in anonymous form.

The exhibition has been curated by ERIAC in the framework of the Roma Components of the German Council of Europe Presidency during 2021.

Please enjoy the virtual exhibition tour!


17 March – 15 May 2021, ERIAC Art Space Berlin

Curators: Sofia Erto, Ráhel Rudolf, Timea Junghaus

Music: Sandro Roy & Jermaine Landsberger Trio feat. Giovanni Weiss

Installation, camera and editing: Kornél Szilágyi

To watch the longer version of the video, complete with discussion “The Significance of Roma Subjective Archives” with Alfred Ulrich, contemporary artist, Tayo Onutor, singer, activist and Vera Lackova, filmmaker, please see: ​Longer version with discussion Family Archives

* The exhibition is an adaptation of the original Diaspora Europe: Family Archives exhibition presented at Glaspavillon, Volksbühne in December 2020.

The image: Illustration from the project © Through my mind to your eyes. Nataliia Tomenko (2019)

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