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On this 50th anniversary of the First World Roma Congress, on International Roma Day, 8 April, we present a large-scale, on-going project, which is becoming a centrepiece of RomaMoMA, in various locations where we will have a presence.

If you and your institution have an interest in providing a location and/or occasion for the RomaMoMA Library, please contact us at: eriac@eriac.org

Please first see the Guidelines below.

In 2020-21, so far, we are presenting the library in a few locations, in Germany and in Hungary.

RomaMoMA Nomadic Library

ERIAC has created a library of approximately 100 English-language books focusing on Roma Art History and Roma Cultural History, which is intended as a space to preserve, collect and showcase contemporary Roma literary and artistic heritage.

This is a “library on the road” that can be hosted by different institutions, not a physical brick-and-mortar site provided by ERIAC.

This library is not to be understood as a classical library that exclusively collects and preserves books and knowledge in order to make them accessible to the public, but rather an open and dynamic library, which, taking its departure from a body of materials built by ERIAC expertise, will be further developed in the course of the exhibition/event/hosting period, together with the visitors and the institution’s team.

Ideally, the library is a kind of “study room”, where everyone can come to read, discuss and comment on texts, and to produce new knowledge together. In line with emancipatory educational approaches, the RomaMoMA Library critically reflects the white, Western canon and expands it with postcolonial theoretical perspectives and voices from the Global South and diasporic communities.

Further programme ideas: The mediation programme is a central component of the RomaMoMA Library. In addition to reading circles and consultation hours, workshops take place at the library, in which participants work together on an “alternative canon”. Visitors and participating artists/groups are invited to share books and literature lists.

Main Guidelines and Specifications

  • Bibliography and books are provided by ERIAC (primary language: English, as well as an opportunity to acquire publications in the local language(s) of the hosting institution).
  • RomaMoMA blog should be present (2-3 computers or tablets provided by hosting institution).
  • Participatory library (space for visitors to give input, feedback to blog, book suggestions – in English or in their own/local languages).
  • A digital version of the library will also be made available – with RomaMoMA visual identity.
  • Best case scenario: the library can be thematically placed, in relation to a current event/exhibition at the hosting site.
  • ERIAC covers shipment and installation costs.
  • Further details to be decided based on the site-specificity of the hosting institution.
  • In the ideal case, the design/installation of the space is created in collaboration with a local, if possible, Roma artist.

All photos from the current exhibition: RESIST! The Art of Resistance, at Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum – Cultures of the World, Cologne, on view 04.01 – 09.05.2021. With special thanks to Nanette Snoep and all staff at Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum.
See: http://rjm-resist.de/en/resist-en/  and  http://rjm-resist.de/en/library-of-resistance-2/

Dear Readers! Please check the linked Bibliography, and please do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions for additional titles that you think should be included in this dynamic, evolving RomaMoMA Library!

With appreciation, please contact us at: eriac@eriac.org

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