RomaMoMA shares a radical, visionary and subversive project this week: the Romanistan Monologues!

ERIAC has made video interviews with Roma arts professionals and experts since last July, in an open and free discussion on the idea of Romanistan. This creative adventure is built on a discourse with numerous European Roma intellectuals, public figures, politicians, artists, citizens and youth, who have imagined, explored and debated the notion of Romanistan, aiding mediation around the poetic concept of a non-territorial, transnational, diaspora nation.

Honesty, politics and authentic subjectivities form the core of these interviews – or rather, personal discussions, on quite radical topics. The participants reflect on a range of ideas and themes, guided by a number of open questions, including:

Who are you? What do you think about the idea of Romanistan? Where is Romanistan? Are there non-Roma people in Romanistan? What is the role of non-Roma in Romanistan? What is the political system of Romanistan? What does its migration policy look like? How would Romanistan shape European global politics? What will you and your family do in Romanistan in 2040?

All the participants were openly responsive, and contributed with passion, taking part in a vivid political and ambitious concept, often in a playful manner.

Their voices have been essential in shaping the concept of Romanistan, and the result is a truly unique collection of visionary, inspiring, thought-provoking political – and personal perspectives. Please take the opportunity to listen to this treasure!

Contributors: Nicoleta Bitu | Mihaela Dragan | Ethel Brooks | Ismael Cortés Gómez | Dijana Pavlović | Iulius Rostas | Gilda-Nancy Horvath | Andre Raatzsch | Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka | Zeljko Jovanović | Timea Junghaus | Lindy Larsson | Miguel Angel Vargas Rubio | Gonzalo Montaño Peña | Roberto Kyuchukov

The Romanistan Monologues are included in ERIAC’s current exhibition, Diaspora Europe, on view both digitally and at the ERIAC Art Space Berlin until 17 March 2021.

The interviews were made in collaboration with Panni Néder.

The total length is just over two hours.

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