Roma Resistance and Resilience

Rifet Bajramović: Mother and Child, 1986, copperwork. Photo: Nihad Nino Pušija, 2006.

This week, we feature the Roma Resistance and Resilience exhibition, currently on view at ERIAC Art Space Berlin, with another version of the show on view at the newly opened ERIAC Serbia in Belgrade.

We can only comprehend the 600 years of resilience and survival of the Roma minority in Europe if we recognise the Roma scholarship, knowledge, oral and ritual traditions, festive events and social practices, concerning nature and the universe.

Just as all other Roma contributions to life on Earth, the Roma connectedness to nature, the different forms of environmental consciousness, and the ideas and practices for sustainability within Roma communities have been (just as all other Roma histories) oppressed, uncollected, underestimated or misinterpreted by stereotyping, without the corrective impact of the Roma themselves.

Young Roma artists and authors confess their hopes and fears, in an attempt to transfer fragments of the past, and to share Roma heritage, traditions and skills that have built and continue to build an environment in which humans’ peaceful coexistence with Nature and with each other is a foundational principle.

The exhibition is curated by the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) in the framework of the Roma Components of the German Council of Europe Presidency in 2021.

Please enjoy the virtual exhibition tour!

16 May – 25 July 2021, ERIAC Art Space Berlin

Curators: Tímea Junghaus, Denisa Tomková, Andrea Petrus

Music: Xylo-Ziko: Sun Shower

Camera, drone, editing: Kornél Szilágyi

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