Mrs Zita Moldovan

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Zita Moldovan is one of the most known Roma actresses in Romania, journalist and host for more than 15 years of the Roma TV show – ”From the life of the Roma” and fashion designer for the ”Romany Dreams” collection inspired by the cultural heritage of traditional clothing of Roma community.

She is the co-founder of the first Roma theatre in Romania – Giuvlipen Theatre Company,  for which she is an actress, a cultural phenomenon on the local scene, a “revolutionary theatre” according to Reuters. Giuvlipen’s performances have a feminist and antiracist rhetoric and bring to life the issues of early marriage, anti-gypsyism, hate speech, hyper-sexualization, evictions and heteronormativity in order to promote discussion and critical thinking in our society. Together with her colleagues from Giuvlipen, Zita is lobbing for the founding of a state Roma theatre in Romania. 

Over the years she has been working for well-known art institution Ion Dacian Musical and Operetta Theater.

She is also a trainer of Theatre of the Oppressed where she works with Roma women on their specific issues in Romania.

In 2018 she is part of the Romanian-French production “Déracinés” directed by Bogdan Zamfir, presented in Paris during the Romania-France 2019 season.

In more than 15 years of her career, Zita has been actively involved in the Roma movement, working in various campaigns for Roma rights.