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Tajsa Prize

The Tajsa Prize embodies the founding principles of ERIAC and the spirit of Roma history and cultural heritage while looking onwards, shaping and re-inventing forms of Roma cultural expressions for the next generations. The Prize aims to honor outstanding Roma individuals who are leading voices of the Roma cultural movement today. It seeks to encourage Roma pride and promote the creativity, virtuosity and talent of Roma cultural producers.



Nomination and selection process


ERIAC invites its community – associate members, Barvalipe Academy members and Board members – to submit nominations to ERIAC via an online nomination form. The nominees shall be Roma individuals from any of the many groups represented under the over-arching term “Roma”, disregarding of nationality, age, gender or sexual orientation. Deadline for submitting nominations is November 14 2021. 

In mid-November, 5 finalists will be pre-selected and invited to submit additional materials in support of the candidacy. Following the evaluation of the finalists, a Jury composed of Barvalipe Academy members and in consultation with the ERIAC Board, will announce the winner of the Tajsa Prize during the Prize ceremony on December 10, 2021 in Belgrade (or during an online event).

The prize – designed by a leading Roma artist Robert Gabris – will be accompanied by the endowment of 5000 euros. Furthermore, ERIAC will provide a platform for international visibility and cooperation to the winner through ERIAC-hosted programs, events and cultural initiatives.

Every two years the endowment of the Tajsa Prize is sponsored entirely by the ERIAC associate membership, in order to promote the pedagogy of Roma contribution and self-determination. In 2021, the Tajsa Prize comes with an endowment of 5000 euros.

The Tajsa Prize is a recognition for a Roma individual working in any of the following domains of arts and culture:



Tajsa Prize 2021_announcement


Artwork by Robert Gabris


Tajsa Prize 2019

The winner of the Tajsa Prize was announced on December 9 2019, during the Tajsa Prize Ceremony at the Maxim Gorki Theatre: Alina Serban – Roma actress, playwright and director – was revealed as the winner of the first edition of the Tajsa Roma Cultural Heritage Prize. Alina Serban is an award-winning actress, playwright and director. Born in 1987, Serban grew up in Bucharest, Romania. 


“As an independent Roma artist, I am honored to have had the chance in the last 10-12 years to make space both on stage and on screen for Roma stories told from a Roma perspective. (…) My work is driven by a strong sense of social justice, a desire to question prejudice and privilege, and the need to plant some good in the world — however small the seed.



The Tajsa Prize Ceremony was opened by the sensational Hungarian Romani singer Monika Lakatos and after the announcement of the winner, the world-renowned pianist and compositor DORANTES gave a concert together with the flamenco artist Maria Jose Llergo. The full video of the Tajsa Prize Ceremony can be accessed here, thanks to the courtesy of Romea.cz.