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PROUD ROMA TALENT – Online Talent Competition

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Are you a Proud Roma? Show us your talent!

The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture – ERIAC is thrilled to host its newest online talent competition – PROUD ROMA TALENT – celebrating Roma culture, identity and heritage. This year, we welcome video submissions in music, dance and all other performance genres to show the world that Roma identity is plural, diverse and rich!

All European self-declared Roma are eligible to apply and compete for a chance to win up to 3.000 euros!


1st place: 3.000 EUR

2nd place: 2.000 EUR

3rd place: 1.500 EUR

++ Contestants from SERBIA, HUNGARY and KOSOVO* are also eligible to win one of three 1000 EUR Special Prizes awarded nationally by our partners Opre Roma Srbija, 1Hungary Initiative / Roma Sam, and OPRE ROMA Kosovo. 

+++ Contestants who submit their videos via TikTok with the hashtag #proudromatalent are also eligible to win a 500 EUR TikTok Audience Award

Show your pride. Showcase your talent. APPLY NOW via the application form below!
Who can participate?

Self-declared Roma amateur or professional performers from Europe. Individual and group entries are both welcome. 

Which talents are eligible?

All artistic and performative talents are accepted in THREE CATEGORIES: MUSIC, DANCE, and other PERFORMANCE genres including acrobatics, circus disciplines, magic, poetry, spoken word, etc.

How to participate?

Submit your video by filling out the online application form below by 23:59 CET 29 November, 2022.

How are winners selected?

All eligible videos will be uploaded by the ERIAC Team to ERIAC’s Facebook Page within approximately 48 hours after submission. Videos will gain views over a 1-month period until 4 December, 2022

The top 21 most-viewed videos (7 per category) on ERIAC’s Facebook page will be shortlisted and evaluated by an international jury who will select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd-place winners

++ The top 10 most-viewed videos per country from Serbia, Hungary and Kosovo will be shortlisted for the Special Prizes. One Special Prize will be awarded per country by local Roma movements Opre Roma Srbija in Serbia, 1Hungary Initiative / Roma Sam in Hungary and OPRE ROMA Kosovo in Kosovo. [1st, 2nd and 3rd-place winners are not eligible for the Special Prizes.]

+++ Eligible applicants who submit their videos via TikTok (i.e. who publish their videos on TikTok with the hashtag #proudromatalent and send the TikTok public video link in the application form) will compete for the TikTok Audience Award. The top most-liked video on TikTok will win 500 EUR. 

What are the rules?

Please read the rules carefully. Submissions that do not follow the rules will not be accepted. 

What is the competition timeline?

Videos can be submitted via the online application form below starting 26 October, 2022 until 23:59 CET 29 November, 2022. Videos submitted after this deadline will not be accepted. 

Winners will be announced on 9 December, 2022 on the ERIAC Facebook page and website. Jury members will be announced in November 2022. 



If you have any questions, please write to proudromatalent@eriac.org. Applications will not be accepted via email.