ERIAC in the press


The Roma mobilize their own knowledge: this is a paradigm shift. Interview with Tímea Junghaus

Political Critique

By Kata Benedek

17 October 2017


It’s Time for Roma People to Speak for Themselves

OSF Voices

By Timea Junghaus

June 2 2017 


The Roma Are Their Own Best Advocates

OSF Voices

By George Soros

June 13 2017 


Zeljko Jovanovic: ERIAC Empowers the Roma to Share Their Legacy

12 June 2017 


New Roma Institute in Berlin

7 August 2017



‘A place to call our own’: Europe’s first Roma cultural centre opens in Berlin

The Guardian

By Kate Connolly

8 June 2017


Lifting Roma voices: Europe’s first Roma culture centre

5 July 2017
by Valerie Hopkins 


Center showcasing European Roma culture set up in Berlin
Associated Press
8 June 2017


Roma cultural center launched in Berlin

Deutsche Welle

8 June 2017


Lifting Up the Arts and Culture of Europe’s Roma in Berlin

The New York Times

By David Shimer

9 June 2017


Institut rom pour la culture et les arts


By Pascal Thibaut

10 June 2017 (radio) (text)


Künstler kämpfen gegen Vorurteile (video report)


By Tina Handel

8 June 2017


Roma-Kulturinstitut in Berlin eröffnet

Deutsche Welle

By Kay-Alexander Scholz

8 June 2017


A Berlin, des murs pour accueillir et promouvoir la culture rom

Le Monde Magazine
By Maryline Baumard

9 June 2017


Institut european inaugurat la Berlin pentru cultura romă (video report)

Deutsche Welle

By Lavinia Pitu

9 June 2017


Roma culture needs to be celebrated and protected

Visegrad Insight

By Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka

8 June 2017


Harper’s Bazaar Arabia – Sunday Art Roundup

In: The latest museum happenings across the globe

11 June 2017


Nasce l’Istituto per la Cultura Rom. A Berlino rappresenterà la minoranza più grande d’Europa

Art Tribune

By Claudia Giraud

11 June 2017


First-Ever Roma Cultural Institution Opens in Europe

The Smithsonian Magazine

By Erin Blakemore

June 9 2017


À Berlin, un Institut rom européen pour les arts et la culture
La Croix
By Delphine Nerbollier
12 June 2017