Mrs Terezia Rostas

Country of residence

United Kingdom




Teacher and cultural consultant


I am part of the Roma-Gabor community in Romania and promoting strongly our Romani culture,language and traditions.
I also work as an English and Romani teacher in the UK for Slovak-Roma,Czech -Roma and Hungaria-Roma.
I am a qualified English literature teacher and a Roma cultural consultant.
I prepare,organise and deliver Roma cultural awareness history workshops in the UK?Germany and Romania.
I also teach Roma dancing and Roma language.
I promote Roma values and empowet the youth to embrace our Roma culture.
I act as a cultural advisor often with the local authotirities,schools and organisations to break the stereotypes and improve relationships between roma and non roma through arts
I run creative writive workshops, art and crafts and poetry .
I have been working in the educational and cultural field for over 15 years now.
This is not just a job, it is my identity, my culture and my life.