Mrs Sanela Emin

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profesional actor


The municipality of Shuto Orizari begins to develop in late 1963, the beginning of 1964, by settling the first inhabitants, mostly Roma. With the gradual shaping of the settlement, the Municipality of Shuto Orizari begins to gain the appearance of an urbanized subsidiary. The municipality of Shuto Orizari is the first municipality in the world with a majority of the Roma population.
I was born and educated and I`m leaving till today in this municipality.
I was inspired since my childhood to be educated and to fight for the Roma rights and representation of my people in Macedonia. Motivated as a Romay girls from many well-known Roma activists I was also active member in many Roma associations like “ESMA”, ”LULUDI”, ”ROMANOVILO”, ”DROM”, ”DAJA”, ”NRC”, ”DENDOVAS”, ”ANGLUNIPE”, ”ROMAVERSITAS”, ”ROMA THEATER”, ”THEATER PHRALIPE”.
I `m graduated actor from the Faculty of Dramatic Art – Skopje FDU in 2007.After my graduation I have been acting in different movies and theatrics performance as the only Roma graduated actor.
Having the motivation to work with children’s from my municipality I was Romani teacher in the Elementary school “Brother Ramiz and Hamid”./
At my work experience I was a director in the kindergarten “8th of April”.
Also I `m Councillor in the Council of the Local municipality of Shuto Orizari for two mandates and at the moment I`m president in the Commission foe Gender equality and I`m leading the women active from the municipality.