Nedjo Osman

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Actor and theater educator


Nedjo Osman was born in Skopje / Macedonia. His acting career began at the Roma Theater Pralipe in Skopje. Osman graduated from the Film and Theater Academy in Novi Sad. He worked as an actor in the KPGT Theater in Subotica and appeared on the stage of the Serbian National Theaters in Novi Sad and JDP Belgrade. He has taken on leading roles in many productions and has played at various international festivals in Europe, awarded the Superlative Criticism as well as numerous awards. Since 1995 he has been artistic director of the TKO Theater in Cologne together with Nada Kokotovic. He is a freelance actor and director and has also played in several German city theaters. He was a journalist and he moderates programs in Romanes at Radio Multi-Kulti in Berlin, also at Deutsche Welle in Bonn. Osman is a theater pedagogue and mediator in various Roma projects in Cologne and many other German cities.
Osman’s main activity as an activist and translator of Roma culture for years has been that of Roma trying to awaken interest
in art as one of the most important elements of Roma culture and identity. Secondly, he has been trying for years with your work to promote Roma culture and Roma theater among non-Roma in order to change their opinion and the image of Roma.
Osman is a translator and poet, his poems have appeared in Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Croatia and Germany.